Nick's B7 S4

I’ve owned the car just over two months, and as you might imagine I’ve wasted very little time in putting my personal touches on it and installing both aftermarket and OEM parts to enhance its looks and performance. I was lucky that a few of the aesthetic mods swapped over from my B7 A4, such as the Spoonfed Tuning Cupra R lip and the RS4 grille. I also did the (nearly free) clear corner mod, then I had my favorite body shop, Phoenix Collision and Custom Paint, match the trunk strip and paint the lower valence and filler plate matte black. I took some photos and will share more detail on each coming up…

Audi S4 front

Up front, I think the most dramatic change was getting rid of all of the chrome and amber. The new look is cleaner and more aggressive. The front lip is the icing on the cake. But what I think came out particularly cool are the custom fog grilles using RS4 mesh:

RS4 Fog Grilles

As you can see, the mesh matches perfectly between the fog grilles and the center grille, and that’s because they’re both using OEM RS4 mesh. For the fog grilles, I ordered RS4 lower grilles then cut the mesh out of the RS4 grille and then cut out the stock S4 grilles and transplanted the mesh over. It’s done much like the RS6 grille mod. I had my body shop do the dirty work on this mod, but I used this DIY as inspiration if you want to try it yourself.

Audi S4 Rear

In the rear, I haven’t done much. I removed the Audi rings from the trunk, which some people may not like. I kind of like it, but I have a spare set of rings lying around should I change my mind down the road. I can’t decide if I want to remove the S4 badge too, so for now it’s staying mostly out of laziness & pride. I also added an Audizine license plate frame which matches the black lower valence nicely. However I think the most important mod was paint matching the trunk strip from chrome to brilliant red so it blends in, I think that’s much cleaner.

Audi S4 Front

That’s my quick update on the car two months in. I am absolutely loving the power, the looks, and the manual transmission.  The decrease in miles per gallon has certainly been replaced by smiles per gallon, so no complaints there either. All in all, I’m a very happy owner of a 2006 B7 S4!