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Website Stats at a Glance

I’m currently seeking sponsors, advertisers, or donations to help fund this website and my car. First, a bit more about this website and why you might be interested in advertising here or collaborating here:

  • Over 45,000 monthly sessions and 70,000 monthly page views
  • Over 300 blog posts covering a variety of Audi related modifications & news
  • A global audience with almost 50% of views from outside of US (UK, Canada and Germany are most popular)
  • Over 2,700 Facebook fans, 1,900 Instagram followers, 1,100 Twitter followers, and 750+ Google+ followers
  • Site started in October, 2009 and has been updated weekly ever since
  • Website photography& video  taken with a Canon T2i DSLR camera or better
  • Guest posts from top automotive journalists and photographers
  • Content all unique tailored to Audi/VW community and has a loyal following of fans & supporters

Stats pictured below are as of March, 2016:



Advertising Options

I allow a limited amount of advertising on this site to help cover the costs of hosting & maintenance as well as partially cover the cost of modifying my car and attending shows and events that I cover. Available advertising options include but are not limited to banner advertisements, product reviews, or contests/giveaways. All content will comply with FTC guidelines for disclosing any compensation/gifts, as well as Google’s guidelines with applying rel=nofollow to advertiser linksRates & info available by emailing me at cars@nickroshon.com

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Advertising Disclaimer

I provide this site free of charge and aim to be a helpful resource that will save fellow Audi enthusiasts money and make informed decisions on the modifications and maintenance of their cars. In order to do this, I have monetized this site by adding banner ads and affiliate links. Please note that when you click links and purchase items, in many (not all) cases I will receive a referral commission. I do not link to sites or products I don’t believe in or don’t use on my car itself – as you’ll see, any affiliate links are to buy the exact product I have bought and installed on my own personal car. Thank you for understanding and please let me know if any ads are objectionable or seem misleading and I’ll happily review them.

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  4. Hey Nick,

    Nice site/blog. Are you located in the Phoenix area?


  5. Yes I am – if you’re interested in advertising please contact me at cars@nickroshon.com !

  6. Hi mate just wanted to know of der waz any nice and slick mods 4my b7

  7. That’s what I created this site for! To give ideas & inspiration on how to mod your Audi – feel free to have a look around 🙂

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