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O’Gara Coach La Jolla Cars & Coffee – Aug 2015


O’Gara Coach La Jolla, San Diego’s local Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce dealership, hosted their first public Cars & Coffee since Symbolic split off to only sell vintage & collector cars, leaving the new car inventory to O’Gara. O’Gara also owns several dealerships in Beverly Hills and the Westlake area of Los Angeles, so expanding down South is a natural fit and I think they’ll do great catering to the San Diego market, especially with successful events like these.


Esteemed photographer and one of the most prominent figures in the San Diego car scene, Spencer Berke, once again spearheaded a great event that attracted tons of cars and people across the entire spectrum of enthusiasts. There were two Porsche Carrera GTs, countless Lamborghinis & Ferraris, and enough supercars that I once again hid my car across the way as it was simply not worthy of being in the same parking lot of all of the show cars, lol. It was a great turnout, especially given we’re facing a heat wave in San Diego now with temperatures well into the 90s (which is pretty much the end of the world for us temperate folks).


The event had it all, including free t-shirts to the first 300 attendees that read on the back “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a Lamborghini and that’s basically the same thing” which might be my new favorite t-shirt, lol. There was also live DJs, vendor booths from HRE, Pirelli, and K1 Speed, and free coffee and donuts. Symbolic also had their doors open and air conditioning cranking so that attendees can check out the vintage cars and seek a little shade from the unrelenting heat of the sun.


My favorite car of the show was the red Lamborghini Diablo SV and a similar era Ferrari 550. Maybe it’s from seeing too many Aventadors that they no longer seem rare, or maybe because the 90s were the formative years of my youth where I become obsessed with cars, and growing up in a small town of Ohio I never saw any of these cars in person, only able read about them feverishly in magazines and then eventually on the internet when that rolled out.


It was a fantastic event, and a big thank you goes out to O’Gara Coach for hosting events like these – with dozens of employees there to support the event went smoothly and was a pleasant experience for all, and the perks of the show are a great show of support to the San Diego community that O’Gara is now a prominent part of. Thanks, guys!


Check out my full Flickr gallery here for over 44 pics from the show – above are just a few of my favorites. Also I apologize for being a terrible photographer, all of my indoor shots came out pretty rough so I cherry picked the outdoor shots that turned out most decent:
O'Gara LJ Coach Cars & Coffee Aug 2015

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