Red S4 on BBS CH Black Editions

I was going to wait until after I got coilovers installed, but I got the itch to install my 19″ BBS CH Black Editions wheels this weekend and went ahead and gave it a shot. Normally I strongly recommend doing suspension before wheels, as it will make the wheels look 10x better, but at the same time it was killing me to just have a set of 19″ wheels sitting in my house unmounted. I also saw this thread on Audizine and saw a few cars on stock suspension but 19″ aftermarket wheels that didn’t look too bad, so I gave it a shot.

I LOVE how the color combo worked out and I’m so excited to see how the car looks with a proper suspension. Unfortunately I do think the aftermarket wheels accentuate the awkward stance of the stock suspension, particularly that the rear sits lower than the front. Aesthetically speaking, cars usually look better when the front is a tad bit lower than the rear, not the other way around. I am going to try taking the rear spare tire out to see if that maybe evens the ride height out a little bit between front and rear. Right now my front suspension looks high enough to run over a Toyota Prius, haha. Here is the before picture for comparison:

2006 S4 BBS CO Wheels

What do you think? Should I put the stock wheels back on until I get an aftermarket suspension installed? Or should I just keep rolling around as-is?