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I get a lot of emails and comments on my blog from readers looking for a specific part (most commonly, front bumpers or xenon headlights) and are frustrated at how much a new, OEM part costs from the dealership – I typically point these readers in a few directions to find used or discounted Audi parts, but I thought it would be worth creating a blog post to aggregate some of these suggestions so I can simply point others to this post in the future. I plan to keep this as an ongoing list, so if you see an Audi dismantler or good used part source that I’m missing, leave me a comment and let me know your experience with them and I’ll edit this post to include them if positive – for now, this is focused on people who live in the US, although I’m sure there are plenty of great resources in the EU too.

Audi Dismantlers & Junk Yards

These are junk yards, body shops, or similar businesses that specialize in taking used (and usually, wrecked) Audis and selling off all of the parts – while an Audi might get totalled in an accident, there is typically a lot of parts on the car that are reusable, and worth way more “parted out” than if they were to simply take the car to the scrap yard and get the value of the metal from it. The dismantlers that specialize in Audi/VW tend to be the best as they have a good understanding of what parts they have and can help you find the exact part you need – generally I recommend searching around to see if there is a junkyard in your area that specializes in European cars, but if not, these websites/businesses ship all over the US and can be a great resource:

  • Shokan – located in New York, I’ve known several people to order parts from here like used Recaros and been pleased with the service and the accuracy of the condition of the parts.
  • Audis4Parts – located in Arizona and specializes in Audi S4s, especially B5s, but carries a bit of everything now a days
  • AutoHaas – located in New Jersey and has a massive following, more popular for VWs but has Audis too
  • Wolf Auto – located in Minnesota, with good reader reviews

Online Classifieds Sites

Another great idea is to buy off other Audi enthusiasts and owners, which these sites are good for. It will sometimes be harder to find the exact part you’re looking for, but if you do then you’re buying directly off the owner so it is typically cheaper and more clear exactly what you’re going to get – just be aware of the occasional scam artist or person misrepresenting what they have, and be sure to ask plenty of questions and get pictures or references of every detail if you have any concerns – sites like eBay are nice since they have seller feedback, or if you’re meeting someone on Craigslist do it in a public place to avoid any drama.

  • Craigslist – search “auto parts” under your local craigslist and see what you can find there – keep in mind people might know exactly what they have, so if the specific item you’re looking for isn’t returning any results try searching broader terms like “audi” and seeing what comes back – sometimes you’ll even find people parting out wrecked cars that can be a treasure trove of cheap, used parts.
  • Audizine Classifieds – now powered by Panjo, this is the mecca for enthusiast parts including wheels, coilovers, and other mods. Generally sellers are pretty trustworthy and reputable, and the Panjo marketplace offers both buyer and seller protection which is great, as well as the ability to show all parts by vehicle or part type which often leads to you realizing you needed stuff you didn’t even know about before, haha.
  • eBay – there are a ton of new & used parts on eBay for your Audi, just make sure to read the entire description to understand if you’re getting a OEM part or an aftermarket replica made in China. Depending on the part you’re looking for, you’ll likely either find a ton of options or nothing at all, so it can be hit or miss but is probably the most straightforward & easy buying process if you find what you want.
  • VWVortex/Fourtitude Classifieds – generally fewer parts compared to Audizine or all duplicate listings of parts already listed on Audizine, but sometimes you’ll find some good deals from folks who just don’t frequent the ‘Zine for whatever reason and only list their parts on the Vortex or Fourtitude (they share the same classifieds). Likewise, the 5×112 bolt pattern is shared between many Audi/VW so it can be a good place to find wheels, if that’s what you’re looking for.

New OEM Discount Parts Resellers

Last but not least, if you can’t find something used and need to buy a new, OEM part, you can often find them cheaper than the dealership by looking online. The following websites often work in tandem with a dealership, Audi/VW directly, or the parts suppliers of Audi/VW, to get the parts at a discount and pass some of those savings along to you. This can be great if you have a very specific part you can’t find anywhere else as they carry virtually everything, or if you just want a new, OEM part and don’t want any of the risk/uncertainty with buying a used part.

  • – commonly known as “GAP” on the message boards, these guys have it all, and the parts are all OEM and authentic. Generally much cheaper than the dealership, although sometimes the dealership will price match if you show them the price and feel like haggling a bit.
  • – similar to GAP, but good to cross-reference…
  • AutohausAZ – generally cheaper than the dealership, another good place to look…
  • – typically the least cheap of these options, but sometimes they run sales or specials with free shipping on coveted, high-demand parts that blow the doors off everyone else, like Seat Cupra R lips. It’s worth checking, and they have a huge inventory and knowledgable sales staff to help out.
  • Amazon – they’re especially great for maintenance items (air filters, oil changes, light bulbs, fuses, etc.) but they do have a bit of everything, and if you have a Prime membership that is free 2 day shipping.

Got any other helpful hints or suggestions? Leave a comment!

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  1. Hi nick: I have had very good interaction with Shokan Also Panjo and ebay Very useful article thanks mike

  2. hi nick : on an s4 b6 do you know if the motor-mounts are “active” ie., actually expand and contract ? I have a fault code that reads: “right eng mount solenoid valve open circuit”. I get a strong-intermittant vibration that happens even when engine revs but car is staionary. Probably due to 1 mount expanding while the other is contracted?? thanks, mike (probably will buy new mounts from a supplier on your recent list!)

  3. Hey nick, how are you? I lost the upper control panel (map lights,Courtesy lights, sunroof controls) on my 2007 audi a4 avant Quattro. I was able to secure a good unit from ebaywith same part #/. My connecter has 7 wires, the new unit (same part has 8 wires, I spliced the first 7 wires together and I get lights, but they are very dim. Do you have a wiring diagram or schematic for this unit

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