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OSIR Red Key Fob - Audi S4

My friend Bradley recently suggested I check out these colored key fobs by OSIR (pictured above with my Carbon Fiber Audi Keychain) so I picked up a cover in red to match my car. I purchased the “Muzzero Space – Gloss Red” version as that was the correct one for my car (the B8 owners will need the newer V2 style) and it came in a few weeks once I finally figured out their billing system – note: they only take Mastercard, but it’s not very clearly noted, so if you’re dense like me and enter an AMEX over and over again to no avail, try a Mastercard, haha.

OSIR Key Fob B7 Audi S4

It’s very easy to install with two pieces that just snap over the existing key but still exposing all of the buttons and hardware for the key to work. This would be great for someone who wants to freshen up their key or hide any wear & tear, although in my case I just liked the color.

OSIR Key Fob B7 Audi S4

One cool thing I didn’t expect was that it stands out a little more when in the car – I like it, as it adds a small splash of color to my interior. It also makes the keys a little easier to find if I drop them, haha.

OSIR Key Fob B7 Audi S4

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this mod – it installs in seconds, only costs about $25 shipped, and I think it looks pretty slick and gives your key fob some extra style points. It’s a small mod, but it’s all the little details that really add up IMO.

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