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My Favorite Movie Cars

With Iron Man 3 about to debut this weekend featuring every Audi lover’s favorite modern supercar, the Audi R8, I thought it’d be cool to look back at some of my favorite movie cars over the years. In no particular order, here are my picks!

Mustang Bullitt Movie Car

Mustang Bullit, Bullit (1968)

The car chase scenes were so intense in this movie that a crew member actually died while filming it. The car was so iconic that Ford brought it back in 2001 as a special edition. This has to be one of my favorite car movies of all time.

Iron Man Audi R8

Audi R8, Iron Man (2008)

We watched this movie solely because an Audi was in it, and I’m glad I did. Iron Man 3 is set to come out soon and will again feature the Audi R8 as Tony Stark’s car of choice!

James Bond Aston Martin DB5

1963 Aston Martin DB5, Goldfinger (1964)

One of the most beautiful British cars of all time (and that’s saying something)! While the modern Bond movies seem to switch cars up based on which company will pay the most sponsorship dollars, we all know that deep down James Bond is an Aston Martin guy, and who could blame him after driving this…

Ferrari 250 GT California

1961 Ferrari 250 GT California, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Thankfully, the car in this movie was actually a replica, as the car gets a joyride by the valet attendants followed by falling out of the garage into a forest. To this day, I won’t let a valet driver touch my car primarily because of this movie, haha.


Mini Cooper, The Italian Job (1969)

I wasn’t sure to pick the original or the modern version here, but I ultimately chose the original version since the older Mini Coopers are even cooler than the new ones, even if the chase scenes aren’t quite as elaborate. Either way, I’m glad the new Mini Coopers are sold in America and enjoyed by Americans, and I think the remake of this movie had something to do with that…

Lamborghini Murcielago Dark Knight

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, The Dark Knight (2008)

Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, has exquisite taste in cars, such as this battleship grey LP640 above in the Dark Knight rises. While it only makes a small cameo, I remember this scene being one of my favorite parts of the movie.

Back to the Future Delorean

DeLorean DMC-12, Back to the Future (1985)

Most people only know of this car through the movie, but it was a cool car in its own right with an all aluminum body, gullwing doors, and many other exotic elements. While the company didn’t last much longer than the movies (actually it went under far before the sequels ended), this car is still widely collected and enjoyed.

Herbie the Love Bug

Herbie, The Love Bug (1969)

As a Volkswagen fan, I’d be remiss to leave out one of the most well known VWs of all time. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Herbie.

Eleanor Gone in 60 Seconds

Eleanor, Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

Both the original and the remake of this movie are well worth watching. The modified 68 Shelby Mustang Gt500 named “Eleanor” ignited an entirely new generation of classic Mustang enthusiasts and this is one of the top selling movie car replicas of all time. I think watchers could also sympathize with the “love/hate” relationship that the main character had with this car, as many enthusiasts have an unexplainable passion for their older muscle cars despite their flaws and tenancy to be quite finicky.

Supra from Fast and the Furious

Brian’s Supra, The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Last but not least, the Supra from the first installment of “The Fast and the Furious” has to be another movie for me. Although the styling and graphics have not aged well, the car itself was a big deal at the time and was also quite transformative in the import tuning scene. I remember seeing this movie as a kid and lusting for a Supra or even just a Honda Civic to tune.

Nick Roshon

Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick's Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.

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