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To all friends, fans & supporters – I’m asking for 5 minutes of your time to help me win a free set of wheels!

As you know, I blog about my car and try to share as much info about modding Audis that I can, and try to answer as many questions left in the comments that I can. I’m just asking this small favor in return, so I hope you can help me out!

My car is one of 50 finalists out of an original field of 800+ cars, which is an honor in itself. If I finish in the top 10, I will be given a chance to buy a set of ADV.1 wheels at below cost, and if I place first, well, I’ll get a set of wheels for free. ADV.1 makes some of the sickest wheels out there, but they’re super expensive, so this is a very rare opportunity for me to actually own a set of high-end, custom-built forged wheels like these.

Update: I didn’t win 🙁 But I really appreciate everyone who went there and voted for me. The good news is that I was able to sell my old wheels and have a new set of wheels on the car now, which you’ll see a post about soon! Also, ADV.1 was nice enough to send me a consolation prize for participating – a really nice swag pack full of t-shirts, a hat, stickers & a license plate frame! Thanks ADV.1!

ADV.1 Swag Pack

ADV.1 Swag Pack



About the author: Nick Roshon


Nick Roshon is a blogger who is passionate about Audis and European cars in general. He owns a 2006 S4 and before that had a 2006 A4. His driving experience includes numerous track days throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


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  1. you’ve got my vote, but I call dibs on the black BBS CH’s that I just saw on AZ if you win.

  2. Thanks, although if I win this I’m tempted to get the ADV.1s in 18s to use as a track wheel and keep the 19s for street duty 🙂

    Either way, I’m over 100 votes behind the leader, so I don’t think I’m going to win. My goal now is just to finish in top 10 and perhaps get a really good deal on a set.

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