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RS4 Pedals & RS6 Dead Pedal
I recently installed a set of Audi RS4 & RS6 pedals and Dead Pedal to replace my stock pedal set on my automatic transmission Audi A4. The Dead Pedal & Gas (Throttle) Pedal are from the RS4 and the brake pedal is from the RS6, but they match nearly identically and you can’t get the RS4 in automatic so this is your only OEM choice for Automatic drivers. The standard A4 pedals are made of black plastic (or rubber?) that doesn’t necessarily look bad, but the upgraded pedal set on the RS4 and RS6 are finished in brushed aluminum that look really sharp and provide a nice contrast and add a nice detailed touch to the interior. While the RS4 pedals do have more pronounced grip areas, this is mostly a cosmetic upgrade to give your interior that OEM plus look.

Buy the pedals here:

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OEM Audi A4 S4 RS4 B6 B7 Aluminium Sport Pedal Kit Automatic DSG Current Price: $139.0
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Installing the OEM pedals was pretty easy – while many aftermarket pedal sets require drilling and using screws, the OEM RS4 pedals slip right over the gas and brake pedals without the need for any tools or alterations. The RS4 Dead Pedal is also a direct install, simply remove one screw to remove the existing black plastic A4 dead pedal, which then slides right off. The RS4 Dead pedal will then slide on (see pic below) along the edge of the black plastic, with the top tab being tucked behind the bottom of your dash assembly, and the bottom clipping into a mounting spot along the bottom edge. You can then replace the one Phillips screw, and the RS4 dead pedal is now firmly mounted at four points – the screw, the top tab, the bottom clip, and the vertical edge nearest the door.

RS6 Dead Pedal Install

The RS4 Dead Pedal slides in along the black plastic and clips in for a snug & direct fit in my Audi A4.

The RS4 gas pedal can be installed by aligning the medal edge nearest the center of the car first, then stretch the plastic along the left edge and corners to cover the rest of the pedal secondly – the medal edge will not flex or move but obviously the plastic is more pliable, so this is probably the easiest way to do it, although you may want to play around with it trying other edges first if you don’t have success – this was the only pedal that took me a few attempts to get secured properly. You can tell when it is attached correctly because the pedal cover will not move or wiggle whatsoever. For the RS6 brake pedal, you will remove the existing black plastic cover first, then the RS6 pedal cover will go over the brake pedal pretty easily. Be sure to double check your gas and brake pedals for a sturdy fitment – you don’t want them wobbling or moving when you need to accelerate or brake heavily.

And that’s it! A simple 20 minute DIY that requires only a Phillips screwdriver, and I think the end result is a very nice detail that will set your interior apart from other A4 an S4 cars.

RS4 Pedals & RS6 Dead Pedal

I was a bit worried this would be a mod you’d never be able to see – but here is a shot at eye level and you can see the pedals are visible and provide a nice little visual touch:

RS4 Pedals & RS6 Dead Pedal

PS – Can you spot my next interior mod? Look closely at the steering wheel and you’ll see some Big Paddle Shifters – more to come on that, but they’re awesome!! You might also notice my trim is missing, as the carbon fiber masters over at oCarbon are crafting a special set of carbon fiber trim for me 🙂

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About the author: Nick Roshon


Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick's Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


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  2. Nice paddle shifter dude

  3. Thanks Tim – more on those this week!

  4. Those pedals look damn sporty…..i saw a vent near the pedals, what was it for??

  5. Thanks! I’m not really sure what that’s for to be honest…

  6. Great pedals!
    Can you write the original Audi part number for dead pedal?

  7. Thanks Alex! The dead pedal is part # 8E1864777A4P

  8. Funny, I thought the Dead Pedal was from the RS6, but it was actually from the RS4 – the brake pedal is the part from the RS6 since it was offered in an Automatic and that pedal is much bigger, but the RS4 is only sold in Manual. Makes sense.

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  10. Hi, Nick;

    I have just purchased a 2010 A4 Premium 6 speed manual, sport-line, tech package, B & O. I have enquired at the dealer’s parts dept. about purchasing a pedal set (dead pedal, clutch, brake, and gas pedal) and they have no such parts for a B8 on the accessory list. Would the covers you used fit the 2009 – 2010 model?? If you can supply me with some part numbers or any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way, I live in western Canada but I believe the part numbers would be the same.

    Thanks for your help – please PM me.

    Al Blower

    P.S.: Love your car and mods!!

  11. Thanks Al! I’m not sure about fitment on b8 or not, to be honest. One of the upcoming guest posters for this blog drives a B8 and I can try to ask him for ya, sounds like you have an awesome ride!

    Part numbers for a b7 Auto:
    Dead Pedal: 8E1864777A4P7
    Throttle: 8E1721891
    Brake: 3D1723173A

    Part numbers for a b7 MT:
    B7 RS4 Pedal Set B7RS4PS (full set)
    RS4 Clutch Pedal Pad 8E1721647
    RS4 Throttle Pedal Pad 8E1721891
    RS4 Brake Pedal Pad 8E1721989
    RS4 Dead Pedal 8E1864777A4P7

  12. Thanks, Nick for all the part numbers. I was in the local dealer today and I priced out the dead pedal number you had listed in a previous post. I nearly fainted in front of the parts guy when he quoted something like $230.00 !!! I can’t imagine what the whole set would cost???

    Maybe some of the visitors to your blog could provide some advice for a more reasonable cost.


    J. Alan

  13. J. Alan – check out ECSTuning.com, OEMPl.us or GenuineAudiParts.com for better prices on OEM parts 😉

  14. Dude sick mods but where are the links on where to buy?

  15. ok nevermind..=) you need to get the offical wood grain trim

  16. Haha, I do need trim and that’s coming soon – it’s not going to be woodgrain though! Thanks for the comments & compliments!

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  18. Hi Nick, very nice pedals!
    I am also driving a B8 A4 Avant and want to have these pedals fit in, just worry on the fitment, do you have any idea or any of your friends made it successful?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  19. Hi Benson, it looks like a few others have managed to make it fit on a b8, it sounds like its a direct fit for the Gas & Brake pedals and just a minor amount of modification for the dead pedal. Check out this thread on Audizine: http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/288977-Stainless-Steel-Pedals

  20. I had some qwuestions nick. Why not just buy the entire set from an rs6? If you cant then how can u buy them without having to buy the whole set from an rs4 and an rs6 just to be able to pick what u need out of each?

  21. That is a great question – there are a few reasons for this
    1) When installing on a A4/S4, the RS4 gas & dead pedals are a direct fit – they were meant to go on that exact car/platform (8E chassis B7), so they’re going to fit the best. Using the RS6 brake cover is a bit of a “work-around” since the RS4 didn’t come in automatic, otherwise I’d recommend just using the RS4 pedals all around
    2) The RS6 gas pedal comes as an entire assembly, not just the pedal cover. I’m not sure if it would fit or not, and I’m not sure if the gas pedal can be removed or if you’d have to swap the entire assembly in (the arm and sensor)
    3) The RS6 pedals are harder to find & typically more expensive. The part number for the RS6 pedal kit is RS6SPS if you want to Google it, I found them for $385.94 + shipping, so about $100 more. They do match nicely, I’m just worried about the gas pedal assembly, and not sure if that dead pedal will fit either.

    Hope that helps!

  22. Ok i kind of understand. But that fact still remains is that your telling me i have to buy the entire set from each to get what i want here correct? Where did you buy yours? So for 385 you bought the pedals right? But you said in your blog you only used it for brake pedal so are you saying you spent 385 bux for rs6 pedals just to get the brake pedal out of it ahahahahahha? Thats ludicrous. So ok what about the rs4 pedals? The gas and dead pedal how much was it to buy those? If its anything close to the other ones that like $700. What did you do with the pedals you didnt use? I want you to see my car its very similar to yours color and all and its coming along nicely. Ill try to post one soon. Thanx for your help.

  23. Sorry Dave, I think I was unclear. You don’t need to buy the entire set, you can order the pedals individually. See below for the part numbers. It should run you about $200.

    Part numbers for a b7 Auto:
    Dead Pedal: 8E1864777A4P7
    Throttle: 8E1721891
    Brake: 3D1723173A

    Part numbers for a b7 MT:
    RS4 Clutch Pedal Pad 8E1721647
    RS4 Throttle Pedal Pad 8E1721891
    RS4 Brake Pedal Pad 8E1721989
    RS4 Dead Pedal 8E1864777A4P7

    ECS Tuning also sells it as a kit for $240: http://www.ecstuning.com/Audi-B7_A4-Quattro-2.0T/Interior/Pedal/ES5585/

  24. Ohhhh ok i get it now. What do u mean though about them selling it as a kit? Dont the pedals just come and u put them on? Maybe some screws maybe? So i can go to that site you posted and order a dead pedal and a gas pedal from an rs4? And then buy the brake pedal from an rs6? Individually all from that site? Thanx for your help nick for that money ill buy them right now if thats what your saying. I saw you posted some info on auto reconditioning/ detailing in your blog. I own an auto detailing business for close to 15 years now and i also do bumper repair/ airbrush touch-up so we mix and spray paint when we fix bumpers. If you needed any pointers or tips about detailing int/exterior please dont hesitate to ask id be more then happy to help u. I know alot about auto detailing ive been in the buss for a really long time. thanx again ill go to that site and see whats up.

  25. Crazy, they sell it as an actual set i thought you had to buy 2 sets from two diff cars to get what you did there. Cool, thnx

  26. Hey buddy im actually curious but you dont talk about it anywhere but is the car chiped? its gotta be right ? Did u write about it somewhere and im missing it?

  27. Hi Dave – yes, I’m chipped. I went with APR Stage 2 and I’m very happy with it. Here’s my write-up on it: http://nickscarblog.com/my-b7-a4/apr-stage-2-review-dyno-2-0t-audi-a4-b7-2006

  28. how much do you want for CF interior trim?

  29. Not for sale but you can buy a set yourself at http://www.ocarbon.com

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