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Audi TT-RS Photoshoot

This may be my favorite photoshoots that I’ve published here yet – not only are these super cool cars, but the colors just absolutely “pop” and photograph nicely together. Both cars are 2012 Audi TT-RSs – one in Sepang Blue and one in Suzuka Grey, both owned locally here in Phoenix. We started the day at a nearby watering hole named the “TT Roadhouse” as we thought the sign would make a cool backdrop, although I struggled a bit to get the photos to turn out as well as I would have liked. We then moved to an abandoned car dealership for the second round of photos which turned out REALLY cool with lighting that was a little more photography-friendly. I’ll share more photos as well as background on the cars as you read on after the jump…

Audi TT-RS Photoshoot

If you aren’t familiar with the TT-RS, it’s an amazing car that we almost didn’t get in the US. After a Facebook Petition demonstrated sufficient demand here in the States, Audi decided to import ~1,000 models of the TT-RS over the course of 2012-2013. With a 0-60 time that rivals that of an R8 (3.6 seconds) and a price tag less than half of an R8, this is a true enthusiasts car.

Audi TT-RS Engine

What’s super cool about the TT-RS is that not only is a performance bargain, but simple modifications can really push the envelope with this engine. The car shipped to the US with 360 hp and 332 ft-lbs or torque; but the blue one was tuned and given water-meth injection to bump those numbers to 415 horsepower and 463 torque! You can view more information about these mods and see the dyno sheets on the GoodSpeed blog. Couple that power with the famous Quattro drivetrain, a large set of brakes and a great chassis, and you’ve got a recipe for fun.

Audi TT-RS Photoshoot

Besides the unique (and powerful) Inline 5 engine, the Audi TT-RS got special body work to distinguish it from the base TT and TT-S models. Although the layman may not recognize the difference, a much more aggressive front facia along with 19″ wheels, big brakes, and a revised rear bumper & spoiler tip off Audi fans that is is no ordinary TT. The Suzuka Grey TT-RS in these pictures went one step further to customize the exterior of the car with red Audi rings, a black roof & trunk, and an OSIR carbon fiber rear spoiler, while the blue TT-RS removed some of the badging to make his car more of a sleeper. When you look inside these cars you’ll see that the interior also got special treatment over a base TT, such as a nicer steering wheel, alcantara seats, stainless steel pedals, and perforated air leather throughout. The TT-RS was only imported as a manual transmission car to the US, another indication that this is an enthusiasts car.

Audi TT-RS Interior

While I had the Suzuka Grey (which comes off white-ish in certain lighting) and the Sepang Blue cars together, I decided to throw my car in for a few photos to get the “red while and blue” scheme going for some patriotic shots. German cars in American colors – because we love our Audis here in the US!

Red White and Blue Audis

When I take photos, I generally just snap as many as I can from various angles & vantage points, hoping something will turn out cool. The picture below is one of those photos that really surprised me – I think this may be one of my best shots I’ve taken to date, and I’m really stoked with how it came out.

Audi TT-RS Photoshoot

There are a ton of other pictures I took (some more successful than others at higlighting just how gorgeous these two cars are), so I’ll share a few more photos below and then include the entire set from my Flickr page after that. Enjoy and thanks again to the owners of these cars as well as any readers who happen to share & enjoy these pics!

Audi TT-RS Photoshoot

Audi TT-RS Photoshoot

Audi TT-RS Photoshoot

Audi TT-RS Photoshoot

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Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick’s Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


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