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Ben’s Andora Pearl 2002 Audi A8 (D2)

Ben's D2 Audi A8

The most recent Featured Ride is a 2000 Audi A8 (D2 Generation) by a local Audi fan named Ben Unna. You can be assured this is one of the most well maintained D2 A8s in the country…how do I know this? Because Ben is a Certified Master Audi Tech at Audi North Scottsdale, hence the license plate below. He maintains my car, as well as many other Audis in the area ranging from STaSIS equipped R8s to your “run of the mill” Audi TT. His work and passion for Audis is top notch, and so is his A8.

Audi A8 Rear

One of the most notable things of the car is its unique color – this is an OEM color from Audi called Andora Pearl, which is a dark red/burgundy color that is very stunning. In some lights it has brownish-copper hues and in others its very red. The color looks great on such a big bodied car, and gives it a ton of character.

Andora Pearl D2 Audi A8

Next, you’ll probably notice Ben’s “stance” – the car is lowered on H&R coilovers and has some nice 20″ Privat wheels to feel those massive fender arches. The wheels & ride height are perfect IMO, aggressive without overdoing it and it retains the car “gentlemanly” stature.

Andora Pearl D2 Audi A8

The car also has an S8 front grille, S8 engine covers, a retrofitted RNS-E, a Supersprint cat back exhaust, and a big brake kit sourced from a D3 Audi S8. It all ties together in a nice, OEM+ look which I really dig.

D2 Audi A8 Engine with S8 Engine Covers

The engine is mostly stock for now, featuring Audi’s 4.2 V8 which moves the all aluminum bodied A8 along quite nicely. Ben added S8 engine covers but most of his engine work has been focused on maintenance and repairs to keep the car running like a top.

D2 Audi A8 Andora Pearl

Thanks for sharing, Ben. Here are two last final pics – both taken from me, about one year apart.

D2 Audi A8 Andora Pearl

Photo credit for the first picture goes to David Venezia Photography.

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