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Nogaro Blue Audi A6 on HRE Wheels

Nogaro Blue A6 on HREs

My friend Brian McCauley of Audi North Scottsdale just posted the pictures below of this BEAUTIFUL Audi A6 owned by Andrew Semple that I wanted to share here. The car was custom ordered through Audi Exclusive in Nogaro Blue, one of my most favorite paint colors produced by Audi of all time. The car was then lowered on some HRE P43S wheels to complete the look you see here.  Well done, Andrew! 979528_3352864837511_1332101633_n (1)

Nogaro Blue is an extremely rare color to begin with, and hasn’t been a “standard” color on any new Audis for quite some time. The last car that I know of that Nogaro Blue came as a standard/factory option (not as part of a custom order) was the B6 Audi S4 which was produced from 2002-2005, after which point Sprint Blue took over as Audi’s “bright blue” hue of choice.


Many enthusiasts still remember and love this color, especially among the B5 and B6 Audi S4 crowd. The owner of this particular car owned a Nogaro Blue B6 S4 before this, which is quite an awesome combo!

Nogaro Blue B6 S4 + A6

Here are a few more pics, snapped by Brian McCauley using his iPhone and a cool wide-angled lens:


Close-up of the wheels, what I believe is the HRE P43S – a top-of-the-line wheel, for a top-of-the-line car!1069077_3352865197520_833657195_n

Another nice touch is the plate, clearing up any confusion if fellow Audi enthusiasts see the car on the street and wonder if the car is in fact painted in the illustrious Nogaro Blue or not…992237_3352865077517_466743440_nThanks for sharing, Andrew and Brian!

Nick Roshon

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful car. I have always liked that blue and was disappointed that Audi dropped it from the standard paint choice. Great pics!!

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