I found some of So’s photography on Audizine and immediately fell in love with this car – So agreed to let me re-post the photos here, and I think many of you will agree. We don’t get S4 Avants in the US anymore, so seeing one, yet alone a Sprint Blue one, is a special treat. So has taken it one step further by adding some tasteful mods that makes this one avant that is hard not to fall in love with…Best of all, So is a great photographer, so we can enjoy this beautiful Avant even if we’re thousands of miles away from Toyko, where the car is located…


So’s mod list starts with a great wheel & tire setup. The wheels are ADV.1 5.2.1 in 19×10 and are wrapped in Continental DWS 255/35/19 tires. Matched with some KW coilovers, the stance of this car is really spot on. In addition to the wheel & suspension setup, the car has an RS4 grille, a GIAC ECU tune and OEM facelifted LED tail lights.


When I look for cars to feature here, I look for a combination of a great car and mod list, plus great photos. As you can see in this post, So is a talented photographer, and the Toyko backdrops to these photos are really neat. I have never been to Toyko, but these photos have given me a small taste for how beautiful it is. I also really enjoy the picture above with the white led lit trees, which looks awesome beside the LED headlights of this car. You can check out more photos by So on Flick here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/64521074@N04/or on Instagram under the username SO_LENS.

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Thanks for sharing the pics of your beautiful S4 Avant!