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The Audi RS Avants: What the US is Missing


“RS means discernment; for those who share a similar commitment and know what real high performance is about. It may deliver extreme performance but it’s understated, for those who truly know.”

C7 RS6 Avant

Under the Bonnet Hood

The RS4 features a 4.2-litre V8 that utilizes their FSI direct injection technology, and like we’ve come to expect from the RS range, it sure is quick. You’ll reach 60mph in about 4 seconds, while you can skip up the rest of the speedometer in no time at all, while the FSI tech seeks to ensure you don’t ‘lose’ any fuel during the combustion process. Powerful and efficient? Dreamy.

As for the RS 6, it offers even more with a 4.0-litre V8 that combines the direct petrol injection of the RS 4 with turbocharging – the result being TFSI technology. It’s so fast you’ll be forgiven for forgetting that you’re actually driving a family estate rather than a supercar. You’ll get from 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds, and although you don’t get quite as far per gallon when compared to the previous RS 6 Avant (9.8 versus 14.0), the CO2 emissions are reduced from 333 to 229.

B8 RS4 Avant


Logic suggests that when you combine mind-boggling power with a large chassis you’re going to lose something in terms of ride and handling…well forget that logic, because Audi have gifted the latest RS models with incredible grip and traction on all but the most testing of road conditions. That being said, they aren’t as agile as some of its rival high-end estates like the Mercedes E63 AMG, but you’re certainly not going to feel uncomfortable or out of control at any stage.

To make things easier, both the RS 4 and 6 feature the Audi drive select system which allows you to change how the handling responds at the touch of a button, offering different modes depending on what you need, ranging from Comfort to Dynamic.



There isn’t much separating the two in terms of styling, with both of them designed with long sweeping lines that run through the body of the vehicle to the rear, though the RS 6 does have a slightly more rugged aesthetic, with a little bit more sitting behind the rear wheels as well as a squarer front end. One thing’s for sure though, these are two nice looking family cars.

b8 RS4 Red Bull Pace Car

What are the cars that aren’t available in the USA that you wish were? Let us know in the comments.

Photo Credits: Pictures were also gathered from ADV1, Autogespot, AutoevolutionFlickr and Flickr.

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