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Below are various photos of my car that I’ve compiled. For even more pics, be sure to check me out on Flickr or Picasa as well, and all of the posts throughout this blog! Click any image below to see a full size picture, or click the link above each gallery to view as a slideshow. If you’d like to reuse any pictures, please contact me first for permission.

My B7 S4:

My 2006 Audi A4 (B7) Which I Sold in Feb., 2012

Other Recent Pics



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  4. hi nick i’m from s.a & i love the mod’s done to your sweet a4 audi has,& will always be the “LORD OF THE RINGS” VORSPRUNG FOR LIFE

  5. Hello Nick,
    Googling for a 2010 Le Mans shot, I found a picture of two Audi LMP1 racers posing on the Le Mans track in 2010 with a ferries wheel in he background, referring to your Blog. May I use the photo in a small racing car book written by Karl Ludvigsen ‘German Racing Silver’ which I am currently translating into German and updating…?

    By the way, I am the proud owner of an early TT quattro coupe having covered more than 150.000 miles by now – troublefree. I was also editor of the first official Audi customer magazine back in 1965 until 1985… and for along time I owned a 1933 Audi fwd convertible, still existing with an Ingolstadt engineer-collector.

    Best regards, Halwart

  6. Sure, feel free to use the image however you’d like. I didn’t take it though, I found it somewhere and reshared it on my blog.

    Very cool about the TT. Enjoy it in good health!

  7. thanks man lovely car!! :)

  8. Thanks, I appreciate it!

  9. Nice car Nick! how did you do your rear bumber with the black or where did you purchase it if you dont mind me asking? And is that a stock sline grille?

  10. how much did you end up spending on your b7 for all the mods?

  11. The rear bumper was just a stock A4 bumper with a S4 rear valance. I painted the valence myself using Plasti-dip: http://nickscarblog.com/cars/the-ultimate-plasti-dip-guide-tips-ideas-more-for-cars/

  12. I don’t even want to know…lol.

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  14. Hi nick Love your website and I follow it closely and now my audi s4 b7 looks great no more stock looking i just want to say thanks!! And was wondering if you would like to see some pics? just to show off what your advice and DIY can do.

  15. Thanks Alan – I’d love to see some pics! Email them to me at cars@nickroshon.com or post em on my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NicksCarBlog

  16. Geliana Rodriguez

    Hey Nick! I’m a 17 year old girl in Texas and for my 1st car, I got a 2006 audi s4 in February and to this day I’m still in love with my car, but I really wish I had found your blog before, you’re s4 is my inspiration for mine. Keep up the good work!

  17. Hey I saw your new s4 and was wondering what front spoiler you put on. I really like and was wondering where you got it from so I could put one on myself.


  18. Hi Kumail – the lip is made by Kerscher, although I believe it is discontinued so may be difficult to find: http://nickscarblog.com/reviews/kerscher-front-lip

  19. Hey man I have an Audi A4 2006 like urs that you sold but mine isn’t an sline and I was wondering where to go or where to look for the parts to make my a4 into a s line

  20. ECS Tuning has everything you need, although you might be able to source cheaper from elsewhere. Check out this post for part numbers & whatnot: http://nickscarblog.com/reviews/b7-audi-a4s4-front-bumper-options

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