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Audi RS4 Grille

If you wanted to give your 2005.5-2008 Audi A4 or S4 a facelift, upgrading the grille is one of the easiest ways to do that. The RS4 mesh grille is a direct fit for any S-line or S4 and makes the car look much sportier while maintaining the OEM fit and finish you love. If you want something more aggressive, then perhaps the RS6 Grille DIY is more up your alley where the entire grille is mesh and you remove the filler plate (the black plastic along the middle), although this is much more complicated versus the RS4 grille. You can find the OEM RS4 grilles on eBay or your local Audi dealership, but they’re very expensive – I’ve been speaking to some firms in China to make a replica version for cheaper, but no luck just yet – so your best bet is to look on eBay for a cheaper one imported from Europe or a used one in the US:

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Ending: 17 days 1 hr 29 mins
OEM Audi RS4 Grill SFG Grille A4 S4 B7 (05-07) Black Current Price: $679.9
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Ending: 13 days 13 hrs 21 mins
00-02 B5 AUDI Rs4 S4 Oem 8D0853651T1L1 Grille Used Current Price: $199.99
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 3 days 20 hrs 42 mins
Audi RS4 B5 front grille OEM Current Price: $200.0
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 25 days 14 hrs 38 mins
OEM Audi RS4 Grill Race Grille A4 S4 B5 (95-01) ALU Current Price: $249.9
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Ending: 27 days 23 hrs 37 mins
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If you have a standard A4 (meaning the non-S-line or non S4) front bumper, or a DTM S4 front bumper, then Audi never made an OEM RS4/mesh grille option for you, but luckily there are some very high quality replicas out there that are MUCH cheaper than OEM, such as this one on Amazon:

Although you do have to remove the bumper to install this grille (follow the DIY and tips in this post to remove your bumper), otherwise it’s pretty simple to install, and the RS4 Grille bolts right on to your S-Line or S4 bumper. The outer surround, filler plate and Audi rings will all swap over to the RS4 shell as well if you want to play around with different looks like a black outer surround or black rings. Here is a picture of my S-Line and RS4 grilles side-by-side before I moved over the filler plate or outer surround piece:

Audi S-Line and RS4 Grilles

S-Line vs RS4 Grilles

Here is a pic of the OEM Audi RS4 Black Optic grille (left) and the OEM Audi RS4 grille with the brushed surround (right), for comparisons sake (both on actual RS4s, but they will fit on your A4 S-line or S4 too):

2 Audi RS4s

Black Optic RS4 Grille (L) vs Brushed RS4 Grille (R)

And here is one more pic of Blake’s RS4 I took over the weekend, just for fun…

White RS4

And here is a picture of the Amazon replica grille on a standard A4 or DTM S4, so you can get an idea of how it looks on a smaller grille:


And last but not least, a full RS6 grille with no filler plate:


Any questions on what grille is right for you, or which one you have currently? Leave me a comment and I can help out!


About the author: Nick Roshon


Nick Roshon is a blogger who is passionate about Audis and European cars in general. He owns a 2006 S4 and before that had a 2006 A4. His driving experience includes numerous track days throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


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  2. Great job on installing a new grille! Sometimes eBay can give us so much of a bargain for our auto parts!

  3. I have an a4 b7 standard 2.0. You said i cant put an rs4 grill on this? How can i get around this? Do i need to purchase a whole rs4 front bumper?

    thanks for your help

  4. If you have the standard bumper (non s-line) you can find a grille on eBay that has the RS4 style mesh that would work. It isn’t an OEM product, but I know a few people that have them and are happy with the quality & appearance of the RS4 style grille for the standard A4 bumper. The other alternative is that you could install an S-Line/S4 bumper and do the OEM RS4 grille then, but that is fairly expensive to do.

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  6. WhaTS up Nick. Havent checked in in awhile but the s4 looks sick dude. Last i saw it was stock so uve come far. Ive decided i want to switch my b7 grill and get the rs4 one like your old one too. Only thing is its hard to find stuff on ebay that fit an s/line its weird they make aftermarket stuff to fit reg a4’s but nothing fits an s/line. Grills, headlights etc.. Ecs has that rs4 grill AND EVEN the fog lamps to match which is badass ive never seen the matching fogz that fit my car have you seen it? this one:B7 RS4 Black Optic Grille Kit With Fog Light Grilles… only its 590 bux thats pricey what do u think? But i guess better then finding one on ebay cus then its going to be used and who knows what its going to look like, and you the foglight covers too.

  7. Also i was going to go ahead and buy a set of springs. The eibach ones, which ive had before and am a fan, lists only a inch in the front and rear if im remembering correctly. But on ecs they sell H&R ones that say 1.5 in the front and 1.4 in the rear. What do u think about the two?

  8. For the RS4 Grille, just make sure you get an OEM one. Both eBay and ECS have OEM RS4 grilles. OEMPlus has a good price on the OEM Black Optic grille: http://www.oemplus.com/grill-rs4-p-765.html – I have the RS4 lower grilles which I just got from genuineaudiparts.com for about $80 and fit them to my stock lower grilles.

    In terms of springs, I’m not familiar with either option as I knew I wanted to go the coilover route and didn’t really resaerch either option (Eibach or H&R). Both are good companies so just Google them and try to find some reviews for your A4.

  9. Good advice ill see what people said. Only thing i was trying to compare was the diff in drop. I had Eibach springs on my caddy looked and worked great theyre great springs great quality. H&R i dont know anything about i thought maybe u did. Only diff would be a drop of an inch front and rear w/ eibach springs and 1.5 front, 1.4 rear w the other ones. So ill get more of a drop with H&R but like i said dont know too much about them. Put it this way what kinda drop did you get w/ the coilovers? Also, do u know that rs4 grill set im talking bout on ecs? Grill and fogs for $590. The grills for the fogs you got for 80 bux, do they fit right in did u have to cut anything? Thanx for the time buddy

  10. Yah i see them on genuineaudiparts.com theyre actually on sale for like 60 bux a piece. Will those lower grills actually fit my s line bumper?

  11. Actually im confused. That rs4 optic kit at ecs, im looking at it and it specifically says only for sline bumpers but im looking at them, and i dont see how they would fit at all they arent even the same shape.

  12. They won’t fit directly, you have to cut out the mesh and then overlay it into your bumper. My body shop can do this for ya, or you can attempt to do it yourself. I do a blog post on the process soon…

  13. Coilovers you can adjust to any drop you want, so that’s hard to compare. If you want lower, go with the springs with a lower advertised height 🙂

    In terms of the lower grilles you do have to do custom work…I’ll write about that soon.

  14. Wait your talking about the lower grills right? The main grill u bought off ebay, or the ones you can get of ecs like the one im talking bolt right i thought you said it yourself right up top right here. Also, the grill and lower grill combo i from ecs says specifically FOR ONLY OEM S-LINE BUMPERS. Which is weird cus if those grills can transfer over to an s-line bumper the lower grills they include actually dont. So why would they say that if theyre selling u the lower grills that wont fit its weird i can see it when i hold it up to car they wont fit not close.

  15. check this out: B7 RS4 Black Optic Grille Kit With Fog Light Grilles
    Includes center grille, plate filler and fog light grilles. Does not fit DTM edition bumpers.
    Only for vehicles with OEM S-line bumpers
    Add some of that OEM+ European style with the special edition European “Black Optic” series RS4 grille. A direct easy bolt on modification. The matching “black optic” plate filler and fog light grilles are also included with this kit. Chrome Audi rings are included……………………… What am i missing here?

  16. The main/centre grille only fits S-line, S4 or RS4 bumpers. That is why they are saying at. The RS4 lower grilles fit only an RS4, but you can reuse the mesh on your A4/S4 lower grilles to get a mesh look down there too.

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  19. Hey Guys!

    Could somebody tell me,where can I buy that kinda hood with the air oulets for RS4 B7!?!

    Thank You Very Much!
    Have a nice day!


  20. Thx Nick! By the way..how can I find U on facebook?

  21. Hi Nick,

    I just bought myself a 2006 A4 s-line in metallic silver, and wanted to personalize it a bit. I really like the blacked out grille, but I’m not sure it’d look as cool with a front plate on, which I believe I’ll have to have in CO, & definitley have to have in Iowa where I’m at now. So, basically what I’m asking is does it still have that aggressive look with front plates on?

  22. Yeah for sure Zane – you can also look at tow hook mounts for the license plate which relocates it off to the side if you’re really worried about it…

  23. Thanks Nick!

  24. So I have a b7 s-line will the rs4 blackout grill fit? The larger one? I’ve always wondered…?

  25. Yes – the S-Line, S4, and RS4 all have the larger grille, the standard A4 and DTM package have the smaller grille.

  26. So I’m having a tough time finding out what an s-line and non s-line bumper is. Can you elaborate? I have an 2012 A4 s-line and want to install the mesh grill but worried it won’t fit.

  27. Email me a pic of your front end or post it on my FB page and I can confirm which you have, but if the badging says S-line you probably have an S-line/S4 grille and not the standard A4. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nickscarblog or email: cars@nickroshon.com

  28. Hey Nick, question for ya…. I own a 2013 Audi A4 and am looking to swap out the grille for the RS4 mesh style grille.. I have seen it for sale on EBAY, where you don’t have to touch the bumper- you can just swap in the RS4 grille for the A4 grille…. however I do not think this is an authentic grille… I have also seen the RS4 grille for sale on ecstuning.com and uspmotorsports.com- similar to ebay, they have RS4 grilles that are suppose to be an exact fit for the A4……. I really want an authentic RS4 grille, or at least as close to authentic as possible. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!! much appreciated!!

  29. Hi Mark – your right, all of those are replica grilles, not OEM – but I’ve installed one or two myself and they’re actually pretty good quality aside from the ring holders that are a little cheap. All of them do require you to remove the bumper from my understanding, it’s not as bad as it sounds though. I am not sure who imports OEM RS4 grilles for a B8 – since they never brought that car to the US the dealerships don’t carry it, and if ECSTuning doesn’t have it either your best bet is to look on eBay for OEM grilles or to contact someone like Europrice.us that specializes in importing hard to find EU parts.

  30. Hey Nick thanks for the info- both ECSTuning and USPMotorsports do have the product, but i think it is a replica grille, i’m not sure. Here are the links to both: [https://www.ecstuning.com/Search/SiteSearch/Rs4_Grille/ES3005990/], [https://www.ecstuning.com/Search/SiteSearch/Rs4_Grille/ES2627562/], and [http://www.uspmotorsports.com/Exterior/RS4-Blackout-Mesh-Style-Grille-Audi-B8.5-A4-S4-2013-AV-1001.html]………And for the Europrice.us you mentioned, here is what I found: http://europrice.us/complete-body-packages-rs4-post-facelift… Do you know how they operate? Do I just specify in the text box that I want my grille replaced with the RS4 grille? Or how do I order it from them? Thank you for the help!

  31. Both ECS tuning & USP products are replicas. For Europrice you’ll just want to email him directly, the link is for a full front-end conversion but you only want the grille – but regardless I think he has to price it out based on the conversion rate of Euros to USD and see what his suppliers will charge, etc. Alex at Europrice is great to work with, tell him I sent ya!

  32. Thanks for the help man, really appreciate it. I emailed Europrice, and mentioned that you sent me, so I will see what they say… For the ECS tuning replica grille- do you have any idea the quality of this grille? If it is pretty good quality, i may just go with it. Also, I’m not sure why ESC Tuning has two different grilles that are almost identical: https://www.ecstuning.com/Search/SiteSearch/Rs4_Grille/ES2627562/ AND https://www.ecstuning.com/Search/SiteSearch/Rs4_Grille/ES3005990/ — This first link: the grille does not come with Audi emblem rings, you have to put your old owns on the new grille…….but then the Second link seems to be the same grille, and it comes with new, larger sized Audi emblem rings. I don’t understand why they are selling the same product for the same price with the only exception being one comes with an Emblem and one doesn’t- do you have any idea?

    Furthermore, Amazon also has the product: http://www.amazon.com/2013-Audi-Style-Upper-Grille/dp/B018F1WSEG/ref=sr_1_9?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1457549599&sr=1-9&keywords=rs4+grille AND http://www.amazon.com/facelift-Style-Honeycomb-Bumper-Grille/dp/B00UXKNROI/ref=sr_1_8?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1457549599&sr=1-8&keywords=rs4+grille

    The two Amazon links above are from vendors: ProMotoring and Innotech

    I’m assuming these two Amazon links are replica grilles similar to ECS Tuning… but I have no clue which one would be the best quality.

    As I await my response from Alex at Europrice.us, could you tell me what you would do in my situation? Say the Europrice way does not work out…. would you purchase the grille from ECS Tuning? or USP? or Amazon? Or maybe even Ebay? Please let me know what you would do in these circumstances. Thanks so much!

  33. And if Europrice does have the authentic RS4 grille, will it directly fit onto my 2013 Audi A4? Or will it not fit? Thanks!

  34. Alex replied to my email and said that the authentic RS4 grilles only fit a RS4 and will not fit my A4…. So it seems I have to go the replica route.. Where would you purchase it? ECS Tuning? USP? Ebay? Amazon?

  35. Honestly Mark I think they’re all made by the same company in China, so I’d go with whoever sells it cheaper. The difference in the links you sent is that some are for the facelifted B8, some are for the original B8, the grilles are slightly different. All of them should come with emblems. I believe the 2013 is a facelifted version so you’ll want one for the 2013+ facelift.

  36. Awesome man, thanks for all the advice! Going to order one this week!

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