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This week on my Facebook Page I’ve been sharing a lot of super clean Audis rocking the OEM 5 spoke “Rotor” wheels, which is one of Audi’s best OEM wheel designs in my humble opinion…and my Facebook fans seem to agree, as these pictures have gotten tons of likes and comments with others either already rocking those wheels or wishing they were. I decided it would be cool to create a post of various Audi models that didn’t originally come with these wheels but are sporting them now in an OEM-plus look, which brings us to this post here, starting with my friend Will’s B7 RS4 above on 20×9 ET26 OEM Rotor Wheels lowered nicely on some STaSIS Motorsports coilovers. The 20×9 size was an OEM option on the RS4s and S5 in Europe, as well as an option on the US Spec RS5s.

These wheels also  look great on the “narrow body” B7 A4 or S4, such as staticuxo’s B7 S4 avant above. In this picture he is rocking OEM Audi S5 Rotor Wheels, which are 19×9 ET33 much like the OEM S5 Peelers I ran a while ago. The fitment is perfect on these cars, pretty aggressive yet still suitable for daily driving and a nice amount of concavity. Let’s just say I have my eyes peeled for a set of these myself in exactly these specs 🙂

Of course, they look good on older models too – in the above, a B6 S4 is rocking the OEM S5 Rotor wheels and looking great. What I love about newer OEM wheels on an “older” model is that it makes the whole car seem newer by blending the two styles. The lines of the B6 also work well with the 5 spoke design, and the gunmetal spokes work well with black too – well done by Audizine user “8cylinders” in New Zealand.


To continue our journey back in time, these wheels even work well on the B5, such as this European B5 RS4 avant pictured above. It’s truly a versatile wheel, which is why I think we’re seeing them come as an option and more and more newer Audis too.

__2013 S5 on RS5 wheels-3

But let’s not limit ourselves to the older models – they look super fresh on newer models too. For instance, these OEM RS5 wheels look great on a S5 or A5 – they’re wider and more concave than what came factory, but otherwise close to stock looking. With a nice drop such as above, it really sets the car off. The car above was done by TAG Motorsports here in the San Diego area and has KW height adjustable springs to complete the look.


Another example of the OEM rotor wheel on a newer car is this Q5 owned by Audiworld user Jazzy, pictured above with 21×9 S8 wheels. It’s super clean, and 21″ seems to be a great size to fill those large fenders.


They also look great on an allroad, such as the above owned by Audiziner “Spaghetti” which is running OEM RS5 Titanium Rotor Wheels which are 20×9 and fill out the “widebody” fender work of the car pretty nicely if I don’t say so myself.


Another awesome example is this TTRS sporting 20×8.5 ET45 A6 Titanium Rotor wheels, which looks menacing as you can see (these also work great on A3s). In all of the examples above, the magic formula for rotor wheels seems to be this: go 1″ larger than factory, and opt for the titanium package editions (gunmetal spokes, machined/silver outer perimeter) and voila – you’ve got a super clean, super OEM look.


The problem with these wheels coming OEM on newer cars like the B8(.5) Audi S4, TTRS, and other models is that Audi always uses a conservative fitment both in terms of offset, width, and height to preserve the ride quality for the average owner. While you can use spacers to push them out and give it a more flush look, the concavity is something you can’t control. The OEM S4 and S6 wheels particular don’t have a lot of concavity, whereas the S5 or RS5 Rotor wheels have a lot more concavity to them that really stands out. ALWAYS4AUDI on Audizine is rocking OEM S6 wheels in the above picture which look great as they are plus-sized over the OEM 19×8.5 S4 wheels, but the concavity isn’t quite as strong as some of the other options out there so it’s not quite as aggressive. Audiziner “ballinb5” posted this pic to show what the OEM B8 S4 wheels look like (19×8.5 ET43) versus the OEM S5 (19×9 ET33) to get an idea of just how much of a difference in concavity there is:


Different OEM Options & Sizes for the Rotor Wheels:

  • 19×8.5 ET43 – OEM B8 Audi Wheel (lower concave)
  • 19×9 ET52 – OEM Audi TTRS Wheel (lower concave, lower offset – pretty much only good for TTs, A3s, or VWs)
  • 19×9 ET33 – OEM B8 S5 Audi Wheel (more concave, great for aggressive fitment on B7s)
  • 20×8.5 ET45 – OEM A6 Wheels (lower concave, great for very aggressive TT & A3)
  • 20×9 ET40 – OEM S6 Wheels (lower concave, good for B8/B8.5 A4/S4)
  • 20×9 ET26 – OEM RS5, RS4 Wheel (great on Allroad, B8 A5/S5, B7 RS4s and others)
  • 21×9 ET35 – OEM S7, S8 Wheel – works great on a Q5/SQ5
  • 19×8.5 ET42 (F) and 19×11 ET50 (R) – OEM R8 Wheels – not really practical to run these on anything but an R8, but might as well complete the list!

Likewise Audi made these in a few finishes, most commonly all silver or “Titanium” which is what you see pictured here. The TTRS also had a few special finishes including gloss black, and gloss black with red accents/outer perimeter that are pretty cool.


In addition to OEM options, there are aftermarket/replica versions out there if you’re looking for a fitment not normally available from Audi. My favorite are made by ADV.1 in a partnership with rs-quattro.com such as pictured above – they gave the wheels a step look, more aggressive offsets, and they’re forged so they weigh less than OEM – the only downside is they’re very pricey, as anything is from ADV.1. Hartmann also makes some high quality replicas that are worth checking out, but I’d stay away from the slew of Chinese or no-name replicas out there that might be of dubious quality.


Speaking of replicas, here is a B7 rocking 20×10 Titanium Rotors made by Forge-Wheels – talk about aggressive fitment! It looks great on this car, but the owner did tell me there was a lot of rubbing and it wasn’t a very practical setup.

Got any other cars rocking plus sized OEM Rotor wheels you think deserve a spot here? Send me an email or leave a comment below, I’d love to keep this post up-to-date…who knows, maybe I’ll post a picture of my own car on these wheels sometime in the future if I can ever find a set of S5 rotors for a reasonable price 🙂

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About the author: Nick Roshon


Nick has been an Audi owner and fanatic for the last 10 years, and started Nick’s Car Blog in 2009 to share DIYs and pictures of his A4. Currently he drives a 2012 Audi TT-RS, and has previously owned a B7 S4, B7 A4, and an 82 Audi Coupe (GT) LeMons race car. In his day job, Nick is a digital marketer and lives in San Diego, CA, USA.


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  1. My OEM Audi wheels were so heavy. Went for VSR’s.

  2. Yeah, that is the downside of pretty much any OEM wheels, especially if you upsize the height and width of them. They look so damn good though 🙂

  3. hi nick the fellow I purchased my b6 2004 s4 avant from claims that the spare he supplied is correct, a 17 inch wheel (all wheels around the avant have 18 inch tires ) I think he’s all wet. please advise thanks mike levin (ps: the spare wheel he provided does not match the rest, although it is an Audi wheel)

  4. The B6 S4 came with 18″ wheels, known as the Avus wheels, on all four corners. It is possible some had a less than full size spare, although I’ve never come across that before and don’t think it was common. The brakes are big enough a 17″ wheel might struggle to clear the brakes sufficiently, although I know it is possible with the right offset and spoke design. So I can’t conclusively say that the 17″ spare is not. You might want to double check in the B6 S4 subforum in Audizine.

  5. thanks nick I do have the Avus wheels an Audi spec sheet says the spare is full size. I will pursue this on the forums. perhaps an 18 inch tire/wheel won’t fit into the spare tire “well”.
    (this seems unlikely though)

  6. Mine definitely came with an 18″ spare and I’m pretty sure the B6s do too, I just don’t know 100% to be the case so I don’t want to misspeak.

  7. michael levin

    thanks again nick: very helpful If you know anyone with an Avus 18″ (used) wheel for sale please let me know.

  8. Nick Mike, I have a B6 S4 and I can assure you that the spare wheel in my well is the same as the 4 mounted. 18×8 / 45et.. I have my wheels currently fitted to 245/40/18 Conti DW’s Extreme Contact. The spare fits fine in the spare well. With enough space I believe I could fit a 255/ 40 / 18 tire…

  9. Great write up Nick

  10. thanks marc

  11. Greate post….I will share a picture of mine soon..

  12. Love my A4 B7 3.2 Quattro.

  13. I have made interesting modifications on mine, just don’t know where to post them.

  14. I have these wheels in 19×8.5 et 43. I’d like to have flush look how would I proceed to do this? What size spacers would I use and do I have to roll and/or pull the fenders?

  15. It depends on what car you have, but you’ll want to add spacers. Read more about that on my recent article here: http://nickscarblog.com/reviews/are-wheel-spacers-safe-for-the-track

  16. I have a B7 A4.

  17. I would aim for ET35 as final offset if you don’t want to worry about rubbing and fender rolling, so add a 8mm spacer. If you want to go aggressive, add a 10mm spacer for final offset of ET33, may rub a little but not too bad.

  18. Awesome! I’m also currently lowered on H&R springs. Would this bring up any other concerns?

  19. Would this also be for bothering front and rear with the same size spacers?

  20. Shouldn’t matter that you’re lowered, in fact I almost recommend it otherwise the car will look funny. Yes I would do the same front & back to keep a square setup. Some people add a little larger (2mm thicker) spacer up front to help with understeer, so you could do 10mm in front and 8mm in back if you wanted, but I’d probably just keep it simple and do 10mm all around.

  21. Awesome! Thank you for your help and thank you for making an Audi blog!

  22. Nick, awesome write up, so I have a silver Q5 premium plus with the stock 19″ wheels. Do you think these gunmetal wheels would look fine in the 19″ size ? Or should I bump up to 20? Not trying to look to flashy but definitely like the looks of gunmetal wheels on silver cars

  23. I’d go for 20s personally, I think you’ll be much happier with the look without it being bling. I’ve seen 21s on a Q5 without being too bling, so I think 20s would be perfect for your needs.

  24. My Dolphin Gray B6 S4 Avant winter setup includes 225 tires mounted on 17″ RS4 replica wheels from Hartman. While good for winter comfort and grip on rough icy roads, they look a little cheesy. I’m thinking of changing my setup to 235 tires on 18×8 rotor replicas with the hope of finding a balance between ascetics and winter performance. Certainly not the look of S5 rotors and I’m at stock ride height. Opinions?

  25. On stock suspension I think 18×8 is the way to go, the 19s will look a little awkward without lowering. See how my car looked on stock suspension and you’ll see what I mean: http://nickscarblog.com/cars/19-wheels-on-stock-b7-audi-s4-suspension

  26. Hey Nick.
    So I got B7 2008 Quattro with stock 17″ alloys, I found 8Jx18H2 ET47 B8 alloys part# 8k0 601 025 D
    Need advise on the tyres that I should use, currently it got 245 40 which I guess it’s too much for a B7 or there is a way I make this combination fit without causing any damage to the car or could affect handeling … etc due to using not recommended size ?
    Thanks 🙂

  27. Hi Don,
    Stock tire size for 18″ wheels is 235/40/18 so you can use a tool like this to compare how off it would be: https://tiresize.com/comparison/

    I’d recommend picking up some 235/40/18 tires and then running 10mm spacers to get a flush look.

  28. Thanks for reply Nick.
    Using the link provided and comparing 235/45/17 vs 235/40/18 showed very close which is good but May I know why 10mm spacers? My current alloys are ET45 and the new ones are 47.
    the Center Bore for the B7 is 57.1 mm and B8 is 66.5 mm, that’s mean I have to use a spigot ring. With all that I’m still ok . right ?

  29. 10mm spacers just pushes the wheel out so that it sits more flush with the fender – has nothing to do with the tire size, just a nicer look IMO…definitely not required though. You will need hubcentric rings yes, check out these ones on Amazon that I’ve used in the past (it should be 66.6mm not 66.5 if it came off a B8, just FYI): http://amzn.to/2fbIyJP

  30. Hello Nick,

    Really a nice discussion is going on. I have checked your 66.6 mm black poly carbon hub rings from the link which you have given. But I want to use 57.1MM hubcentric wheel spacers for my A8 Audi which I have already bought from Customadeonly. So will I have to change my wheel rings again which I had replaced recently ?

    Share some suggestion please , because one of my friends suggested me to change the rings again.

    Thank you

  31. You can use both – just put the spacers on first, which will mate up perfectly with your hub (since both are 57.1), then put the hubcentric rings on the end of the spacer before it hits the wheel which will bring the 57.1mm spacer up to the 66.6 diameter needed for the wheels. No sweat, people do this all the time.

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