Deval RS4 Bumper

A popular question I get asked is about front bumper “body kits” for the B7 Audi A4 (2005.5-2008). Unlike the Honda Civic, your options are a bit more limited in this arena, and generally more expensive too. Luckily for everyone, the front bumpers that do exist are all very nice looking and great options if you’re tired of the look of your car – pictured above is the Deval RS4 kit (more on this below), for instance. The most common swap is for people with the standard A4 without the S-line package, as that bumper is probably the least desirable. In this post we’ll review the various options out there and give an idea of cost & effort involved.

B7 S4 or S-line Bumper Conversion

S-line/S4 Bumper

Converting a non-sline front bumper to an S-line or S4 front bumper is one of the most common options. This method uses all OEM parts and is pretty “plug and play” in terms of a front bumper swap. You need more than just the front bumper cover however – the bumper uses a different grille and sidemarkers, as well as some accessory pieces. You can view more pics of an S4 front bumper by checking out my car here. Here is the full list of parts you’ll need for the bumper cover without washer covers (if your car is equipped with headlight washers, you’ll need a different part number for the bumper cover, 8E0-807-105-J-GRU, which has holes cut out for the washers, as well as the washer covers, 8E0-955-101-E left and 8E0-955-102-F right). Part list:

  1. 8E0807105MGRU – front bumper cover (S-line/S4)
  2. 8E0807681F01C – Cooling air grill left
  3. 8E0807682F01C – Cooling air grill right
  4. 8E0945071B – Reflector left
  5. 8E0945072B – Reflector right
  6. 8E0853651M1QP – Radiator grille
  7. 8E0807287C1QP – Plate filler

DTM S4 Bumper

DTM S4 Bumper

This is another popular upgrade from either the non S-line or S-line bumper. Much like the S4 bumper conversion, this utilizes all OEM parts, so the fitment will be top notch and the parts widely available. It uses the same grille as a non-sline A4, so if you are coming from this platform you may need fewer parts as well. The downside is that this bumper doesn’t have foglights, if those are important to you. You can see more pics of the DTM package by checking out this featured ride pictured above. Here are the parts you’ll need for this:

  1. 8E0-807-105-AA-GRU – front bumper cover
  2. 8E0-807-110-E Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  3. 8E0-807-681-J-Z9Y Grille
  4. 8E0-807-682-J-Z9Y Grille
  5. 8E0-807-077-B Trim
  6. 8E0-807-078-B Trim
  7. N-104-337-01 Speed Nut (19)
  8. N-907-750-01 Bolt (19)

Deval RS4 Front Bumper

Deval RS4 Bumper

The Deval bumper features an RS4-look. I have heard mixed things about the fitment, with most owners saying that their body shop spent a lot of time to get it look good. The bumper is fiberglass so it can be adjusted to fit well, but nearly every owner I’ve talked to said they wouldn’t do it over again if they had the choice. If you’re okay with spending extra money to get it to fit right, or okay if it doesn’t fit 100% correctly, this may be a good choice for you.  You can check out more pictures of the Deval RS4 Front Bumper here. You may also get lucky and have a bumper that fits better than average. You can buy the Deval bumper from Eurogear.

Oettinger Front Bumper

Oettinger Bumper

The Oettinger bumper is rare – I think I’ve only seen two or three Audis with it on the internet, and none in person. Oettinger is a great brand and the fitment is supposed to be quality as well. The downside is that it’s expensive and hard to find. It also has a very aggressive look, so I wouldn’t recommend this unless the rest of your car is pretty modified too. Here is another pic of the Oettinger front bumper on a show car that was at SEMA last year.

Hofele RS4 Bumper

Hofele RS4 Front Bumper

Hofele’s RS4 front bumper is supposed to fit a lot better than the Deval one, and they look nearly identical. The only downside is that the Hofele bumper is also much more expensive. Damir’s A4 has this bumper, and you can check out his feature for more pics of it. The only vendor I’ve seen selling this bumper is LLTek or you can contact Hofele directly if interested. I’ve seen a few of these in person and they fit great.  You can buy this kit from LLtek.

B8 Hofele Bumper

Hofele B8 Front Bumper

Like the Hofele RS4 Bumper, the B8 bumper looks very nice but is also fairly pricey. I don’t think I’ve seen any pictures of this installed on a car in real life, except for those published by LLTek. I’d love to see more pictures of this, and if you see this, email me a pic so I can share it here.You can find more information on this kit on the Hofele website.


RS-Style Front Bumper

This one is a bit new and mimics the look of the TTRS, which is kind of neat. Personally I love how it looks from the front, but the side angles kind of ruin it for me, as the lower scoops stick out too far and give it a little bit of a “catfish” look. You can pick this up on Amazon, eBay, or other sites by searching “RS style B7 front bumper”, although it’s not totally clear who actually manufactures it, and it runs between $400-800 depending on the site you’re searching on. The pic above is taken from a person in Sweden who documented the entire process of installing this bumper and uploaded tons of pictures to Audizine, so I’d suggest checking out his thread to see it from all of the angles and make sure you like it before buying…

non s-line bumper with cupra r lip

Alternative Enhancements/Options

If you don’t want to do an entire bumper swap, there are still plenty of options. Most common are going with an alternative grille, such as an RS4 grille, or adding a front lip, such as the Cupra R lip. These changes are pretty affordable and can make your existing bumper look a lot more sleek. You may want to do this as a temporary fix or a permanent one. Remember with the grilles that the Non S-line and DTM bumpers share the same grille, and the S4/RS4 share a grille – so don’t expect an RS4 grille to fit on a non-sline bumper or vice versa. Here’s more pictures of the A4 above with a Cupra R lip and a blacked out grille, which definitely adds some nice touches, all for about $100.

Where to Buy…

You can source the OEM components above from your local Audi dealer, a junk yard, or various other vendors. The aftermarket options depend, so shop around. You should also check eBay, as you can often find used parts from dismantlers or off of wrecked cars for cheap. Some aftermarket options also appear on eBay, but be cautious of low quality bumpers from China and be sure to stick to the “real deal” bumpers made by quality manufacturers such as those above…

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Audi A4 B7 2005-2008 RS Style Front Bumper with Black Front Grille Current Price: $373.99
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Audi B7 A4 S4 06-08 Front Bumper Tow Hook Mount Adaptor License Plate Bracket Current Price: $48.0
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Audi A4 B7 2005-2008 RS Style Front Bumper Current Price: $343.99
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Ending: 10 days 22 hrs 34 mins
Audi A4 S4 RS4 B7 Front Bumper CUPRA R Euro Spoiler Lip Valance Splitter S Line Current Price: $109.9
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Ending: 22 days 14 hrs 14 mins
OEM Cupra R Deep Front Bumper Spoiler Lip Audi A4 S4 RS4 B6 B7 Current Price: $84.9
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