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Six Speed Dials Review: Stuttgart 991 Watch

I was recently contacted by Joel, the founder of Six Speed Dials (, and he was kind enough to send me a watch to check out and share here on my blog. I loved their motorsports inspired designs, as well as how clean and classic everything looked; sometimes simpler is better, and that’s definitely the case here. I decided to go with the Stuttgart 991 watch as I loved the white strap (to match my white car) and the tachometer inspired numbers and color scheme. They currently have a total of four designs you can choose from, and are planning an Audi-inspired design sometime this summer that I’ll be eager to check out…but as you can see below, the 911 inspired watch isn’t far off from the Audi gauges anyway 🙂

Upon unboxing the watch, I was very impressed. The watch comes in a nice hardwood case, and you can immediately tell this is a high quality watch and not some cheapo knockoff. The watch uses automatic Japanese movement for power, so you’ll never need to replace the battery, and the case is made of 304 low carbon stainless steel (the same as many high performance exhaust systems!) which should age well. The strap is made of genuine leather, and you can buy replacement straps in other colors as you please and the straps have quick release springs for easy removal. The watch hands are also luminous so you can tell the time at night just fine, too. Most of the automotive themed watches I have seen on the interwebs are cheaply made gimmicks for impulsive car guys, but this is a nice watch first, and a piece of automotive apparel second. At $189.99 shipped the watch isn’t cheap, but when you see and feel the craftmanship of the watch you don’t feel that is unreasonable, either.

Up until about two years ago I never really wore a watch, thinking it was just an annoyance and looking at my phone to see the time was just fine. A good friend of mine suggested that I should invest in an actual watch, if anything just to be less rude during meetings (or boring conversations) when wanting a quick time check. Around that time the first Apple Watch came out, so I picked that up and have been wearing it ever since. Switching to this more “analog” watch has been a nice treat; while the Apple Watch has some cool features, it’s can also be overwhelming with notifications, vibrations, and even guilt for not standing, moving, or exercising enough. The Apple Watch also does a pretty poor job as a timepiece since you have to flick your wrist in just the right way for the watch to turn on and actually show your time, which kills the stealth factor. After just a few days wearing this watch from Six Speed Dials, I’m really enjoying the lack of notification-overload, and being able to easily check the time again.

So far I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the watch, and it’s definitely a keeper. A big thanks to the Six Speed Dials team, give them a follow if you’re interested in checking out more.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample for this review, but it in no way impacted the tone of the review. As always if I don’t like I product I will say so, or choose to decline reviewing the product on my site. My goal is only to bring the best products and recommendations to you, my readers. 

Nick Roshon

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