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Audi Pictures from the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona in 2013

Weathertech Audi R8 LMS

My good friend Chris Wynne was fortunate enough to attend the 2013 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona this year and got some excellent shots that he’s allowed me to share here. As you likely already know, Audi had their first ever victory at this race, finishing 1st and 2nd in the GT Class were the Alex Job Racing (WeatherTech) Audi R8 #24 and the APR Motorsport Audi R8 #52, respectively. APR had a second R8 there as well (#51) which finished in 11th and team RumBum had the fourth and final R8 entered in the race which finished in 7th place. Audi was also the pace car chosen for the event with a beautiful RS5 chosen for that honor.

APR Audi R8 52

The four R8s entered in the race were heavily supported by Audi, which was great to see. If there is any question about that, you can check out this amazing time lapse video from Audi of America showing how much work went into prepping the cars for the race – the Audi engineers literally took the cars apart and put them back together again to ensure they were in tip-top shape and ready for a 24 hour long endurance race like Daytona:

As one might expect with a 24 hour race, things were bound to go wrong no matter how prepared the cars and drivers were. The winning team, Alex Job Racing, suffered contact with another car that ripped their sideblade off. They had a 60 second penalty which made the race even closer than ever, and the team actually finished with the sideblade missing – a testiment to just how aerodynamic these cars are that they can still handle extreme speeds with parts of the car missing.

Audi R8 Missing SIdeblade

APR and Rum Bum weren’t without their challenges and setbacks either. Both teams suffered three minute penalties during the race. The teams kept racing hard, and at one point in the final two hours there were three Audis within 20 seconds of the lead. the Audi Motorsport Blog has a great recap of the final minutes, which you can check out over there.

Rum Bum Audi R8All in all, it was a great showing for Audi, and one of hopefully many more to come in the Rolex series and American Grand-Am racing in general. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, and thanks again to Chris for the excellent photos.

859169_10151488660136217_1268305306_o 857389_10151488660066217_935594546_o 841248_10151488655681217_1057075984_o 858155_10151488655036217_471964045_o 856405_10151488654601217_537168914_o 861227_10151488653681217_1493608763_o 820696_10151488652766217_1876739383_o 860095_10151488651611217_705390127_o 856654_10151488651201217_1352368165_o

Chris also captured plenty of pictures of the other marques racing, so I’ll share some of my favorites from that batch too. Although I’m a huge Audi fan, I can certainly appreciate the other brands and teams in the race.

860462_10151488651381217_1086658389_o 858738_10151488650851217_560600179_o 859524_10151488650666217_60473815_o 857609_10151488651306217_207773272_o 857415_10151488651466217_1563810005_o 859835_10151488653806217_1443673861_o 860505_10151488653936217_813247944_o 856898_10151488654081217_1305643799_o 856978_10151488654846217_932280795_o 857081_10151488655141217_361625827_o

All photos copywright Chris Wynne – do not share or distribute without linking back to this post and including the watermark included in the pictures. Thanks & Enjoy!

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