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Audi/VW Rolling Photoshoot by Venezia Photography

Rolling B7 A4 on Rotiform BLQs

My friend David Venezia of Venezia Photography organized a fun photoshoot this past weekend and has given me permission to share the photos here for others to enjoy as well. We had a nice turnout of modded Audi & VWs despite some unseasonably cold weather going on in Phoenix at the time, including 3 B7 S4s, 1 B7 A4, 1 A3 and one Passat. The picture above is of Derrek’s B7 A4 on 19×9.5 Rotiform BLQs and is one of my favorite pictures from the day.

My B7 S4 Rolling

I love good rolling shots as it shows the car in it’s best form – being driven and enjoyed. To take these shots we were going about 40 mph with the photographer being driven in his A3 in front or behind the car being photographed. We kept the cars pretty close together and David snapped the photos with the camera hanging out the window with a wide angle lens  It was pretty cool (and a little scary) to see how he took the photos, and you can sort of see in the photo below where his shadow hanging out the car to get the perfect shot:

My B7 S4 Rolling

Another car that came along is this nicely modded Passat. It’s a 2007 with some nice OEM+ touches to it including Audi “Flat Five” wheels from an A8L in a polished finish. It’s one of the cleanest Passat’s I’ve seen…

VW Passat Rolling Shot

Next up is John’s car, which also happens to look awesome in motion:

White B7 S4 Rolling

While we were all together, we managed to get a few still shots too. I think they came out really nice and like all of the “drama” for lack of a better word that David adds to the photos with this editing and composition. It looks like the pictures are trying to tell a story…maybe that story is that these cars are “badass” or maybe that’s just my own personal bias talking 🙂


VW Passat on Fat Fives

White A3 on Gold Wheels

Derrek's B7 A4

John's B7 S4









IMG_4693Thanks again to David for taking these photos!

Nick Roshon

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