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Pure Motorsport Open House

Suzuka Grey R8

This past weekend marked Pure Motorsport of San Diego’s annual open house. Since relocating to San Diego they’ve been my “go-to” shop for anything I can’t do myself – including my JHM Intake Manifold and LWCP, as well as regular maintenance stuff like oil changes I would rather outsource – so I was excited to support the shop and see some of the other cars they work on.


The day was atypical for Southern California with clouds and even some light rain (gasp!), but the turnout was still pretty strong. It was a very laid back event which was enjoyable – no “scene” drama here 🙂


One of my favorite cars there was this B6 S4 above – while at first glance it might look like the modifications are simple, a closer look at the fenders will reveal a custom (yet subtle) widebody that swallows 10″ wheels no problem. The car also features a JHM supercharger kit and a handful of other “go” mods to make this an incredibly well rounded car. I didn’t get to speak to the owner, but one day I’ll try to meet them and get some thoughts on the JHM kit as I’ve been more and more tempted by this option myself.

18-IMG_7604Another favorite was this super clean B7 RS4 on ADV.1 wheels. A modern classic, and this one was particular nice with a good set of coilovers, great wheels, and a few other nice touches such as a carbon fiber front lip.

16-IMG_7602Elite Finish Detailing was also there displaying this gorgeous B8.5 S4 with HRE wheels and application of the C.Quartz Finest sealant treatment. The B8.5 platform continues to be striking both in-person and photographs, and a set of HRE wheels never hurts either…

07-IMG_7589Speaking of facelifts, Mike Kim the owner of Pure Motorsport had his S5 sitting pretty right out front. You may recognize this car from SEMA last year, and it’s outfitted with Rotiform SNA wheels and Brembo brakes to boot.

14-IMG_7600There were a ton of other really nice cars there, including A3s, TTs, and so on. My friend Kenni also drove down from Orange County and got his MK1 TT tuned while Pure offered a sale, and from what he’s shared so far he’s yet another happy customer.

11-IMG_7595 09-IMG_7591 01-IMG_758202-IMG_7583 15-IMG_7601And that’s all I have to report for now, thanks to Pure for hosting and the various vendors who contributed to the raffle!

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