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San Diego Cars & Coffee December 2016

This Cars & Coffee was a special one for two reasons – firstly, it was the last of 2016, and secondly, it was my last C&C with my S4 before she goes off to her new home in Rhode Island. More on that later, for now enjoy the cars…starting with YouTube celeb Tanner Fox’s 2017 Nissan GTR debuting with a custom “Guaczilla” wrap in the pictured above, which was a color-shifting brush aluminum finish that was outta this world.

Like usual, this event brought out a great variety in cars from exotics to Miatas, even despite the overcast weather. This McLaren made my jaw drop, even though I can’t keep the names of the various McLaren models straight anymore to tell you which one it is.

Since most of my readers are Audi fans, there were some cool Audis there too, like this Viper Green S3 that was a special edition offered by Audi when the model first came out. It looked amazing, especially with the green stitching on the seat inside.

The new R8 was also on display, and looked gorgeous in blue. Do want.

Another noteworthy car was this all carbon fiber bodied GTR. I can’t imagine how much was spent converting the body to carbon fiber, but it was pretty neat to see.

From the straight up crazy category was this Miata. I don’t know what else to say, other then you probably won’t see another one like this…

Another car I enjoyed was the Aston Martin Rapide, which you don’t see enough of. Below are a few more pics I took, head over to my Flickr for the full gallery / high res.

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