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Audis enjoying the snow

Prior Design Audi R8 GT650

With the blizzard named “Nemo” upon us here in the US, I thought it’d be fun to make a post of Audis enjoying the snow of this (and previous) snow storms. The Audi brand is nearly synonymous with AWD and its famous Quattro system, which means that most Audis – whether it’s an SUV or a two door sports coupe – are well equipped to handle a little foul weather. While certain cars, such as the Prior Design GT650 above, are probably not as well suited as others, it’s always fun to see Audis making snow angels, snow donuts, and other forms of “snow-hooning” as it were.

Axel's B7 S4 Avant

One of the ultimate snow machines belongs to Audizine user “Axel” and his JHM Supercharged B7 Audi S4 Avant. The car’s Sprint Blue exterior really pops against the winter wonderland background, and the matching roof box means plenty of storage when heading to the slopes, a cabin, or even ice fishing.


Speaking of Avants ready for the snow, Ove’s B7 A4 Avant which was recently featured here is another prime example of snow-ready cars that look as well as they perform.

Jon Olsson's R8 in the Snow

Perhaps the most well known Audi for its snow shennigans belongs to professional skiier Jon Olsson. Decked out in carbon fiber thanks to a PPI body kit, and sporting a matching roof box for his skis, this R8 has seen a lot of snow and like Mr. Olsson’s previous machines, he is not afraid to enjoy the car and push its limits no matter what the conditions of the road are.

Yellow RS4 in the Snow

If I lived in a snowy climate (I don’t), I think the RS4 would be my “everyday supercar” of choice. This Imola Red RS4 captured by J Minor Photography is a great example of this magnificent machine plowing through the snow in what looks like a bucket of fun.

Audi Sport Quattro in the Snow

Driving fast in the snow isn’t an activity reserved for newer Audis; however, as Audi’s have been known as the ultimate snow-mobile since Quattro first debuted in the early 80s. The Audi Sport Quattro above is a prime example of that…

B8 S4 in the Snow

But the best part about Audi is that you don’t have to be a celebrity, professional skiier, or sponsored race car driver to enjoy one. Audizine user “AwdPns” posted this picture of his B8 S4 snowed in after Nemo, which gives you an idea of just how much snow they got (over 2 feet in Long Island, NY).

Rotiform B5 RS4 in the SNow

Rotiform shared this picture of the TrackInvaders B5 RS4 on custom Rotiform VCE wheels having a ton of fun as well. I love this car and think the wheels are a perfect throwback to the early 90’s Audi Trans Am and IMSA cars.

Audi A5 Snow Drift

Speedhunters also had some great coverage of Audis having fun in the snow at the Gatebil event in Norway, including this lovely Audi A5.

Audi Q7 Snow Plow

Driving Audi in the snow isn’t all fun and games – sometimes you’ve got to do chores like plowing driveways. For that, the Q7 above would be a great choice.

Audi S4 Buried in Snow

And occasionally – the snowfall is too much even for Quattro to make a difference, which was the case for some folks in the NorthEastern US this past weekend, such as this 25th Anniversary of Quattro B7 S4 posted by Audizine user KRp220 above.

Audi RS6 in the Snow

Keep searching, and you can find nearly any and every model Audi has ever produced having fun in the snow. The RS6 pictured above from Fourtitude is just one of many awesome examples you’ll see.

Red Audi S5 in the Snow

Last but not least – I really enjoyed this picture posted by AudiWorld user glaive of his Audi S5 in the snow…

Got any pics of your Audi in the snow? Leave a comment or post on my Facebook wall to share it and I will add it here!

Photo Credits: Prior Design R8 GT 650 (carscoop), B7 S4 Avant (audizine), Jon Olsson R8 (, Audi Sport Quattro (, B5 RS4 (Rotiform/Facebook), 

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