How to Install a Perforated Audi RS4 E-Brake Cover on Your A4 or S4

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The stock Audi A4 or S4 E-Brake handle doesn’t have perforated leather, but if you have S-Line, UltraSport Package or the S4 package your steering wheel and shifter probably do – adding the RS4 E-Brake Cover is a nice way to make everything match – it’s all in the details. You can find them cheapest on eBay, although they are sometimes hard to find:

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Installation is super simple – all you need is a smaller flat head screw driver and about 10 minutes.

Step 1 – Remove the Old E-Brake Cover:

E-Brake Handle Install

To install, first pull up the e-Brake handle as high as it will go. Next, press the metal tab downwards on the underside of the cover – you can see what the tab looks like in the picture above. Once you pop out the tab, the handle will slide off (you will have to tug at it a little, its a snug fit)


Step 2 – Install the New Cover:

Once your old hand brake cover has been removed, you can simply slide the new one on – make sure the metal tab clicks into place so that it stays on securely. That’s it!


Step 3: Admire The Results

You’re all done! You can see here the RS4 E-Brake cover looks great and matches the other OEM air leather/perforated leather parts very nicely. It’s a subtle detail few will notice, but if you’re anything like me, the subtle details really add up to make a big difference.

For more details on the installation, there are a few good DIY threads on Audizine (1 and 2) for you to check out as well – but compared to most modifications you’ve done, this is going to be about as simple as it gets – just a little tougher than installing a pair of tube socks.

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  1. Nick – I wouldn’t sell it. You’ve got this pretty darn near perfect and I once had a car like that also. I sold it and have regretted it ever since! If you do decide to sell and part out ANY of your stuff Please give me a heads up – just email me anytime man –

    We’ve chatted before on a few things and like always – thanks for another good DIY. I’m using your plasti dip one tonight.

  2. Thanks Tony – I’m sure it’d be a heck of a part out 🙂 I don’t think I’ll do it, just going through my periodic “I wish I had a v8 phase” haha

  3. Wise move. It’s too good to get rid of….making rs4 fog grills tonight, plasti dip time!

  4. I wouldnt do it. You have a great car. I used to have a B6 A4 Oettinger, until an EX(keyword) girlfriend totaled it on me. I got a new Wrangler for the harsh summers here in NY. But your website is great. And since ive read your site a few times ive been at a Audi/VW dealer “prowling” 5 times. Thanks….not sarcastic a bit.

  5. Sorry to hear that Anthony! The A4 is here to stay, don’t worry 🙂 And happy hunting for a new Audi, there are some great deals out there for B7s IMO.

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