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Andy’s SQ5 APR Stage 2+

Andy's SQ5 APR Stage 2+

The latest featured ride is one of the first SUVs I’ve posted about, but perhaps it’s long overdue; the SQ5 is one of the most exciting SUVs I’ve seen at Audi dealers anywhere as it features the same base 3.oL V6 Supercharged engine that is in the S4, but the open space and utility of an SUV. Much like the S4, it can be modified to get significantly more horsepower and better handling thanks to a vast array of aftermarket support; add a matte black wrap, 22″ black wheels, and a lowered stance and you’ve got an SUV that looks a performance car, too.


This particular car was photographed by Brandon Bailey Design Photography and belongs to owner Andy in Massachusetts. You may remember Brandon from the last featured ride of the Rallye Red B7 A4 on Air, and it’s a pleasure to have more photographs from him and see all of the great cars affiliated with the MassVAG club.

Andy's SQ5 APR Stage 2+

Performance mods include an APR Stage 2 Tune, APR Supercharger Pulley, and APR Intake to boost that is estimated to bring the car to well over 400 HP. The tune also removes the speed limiter, improves acceleration, and allows greater throttle control, making the SQ5 feel more like a true sports car and less like a grocery getter.


Of course nothing sets a car off more than wheels and suspension, and owner Andy invested in a great setup with 22″ Savini Di Forza BM7 Wheels to go with the blacked out theme of the car. For suspension, Andy chose KW V1 coilovers to keep the car firmly planted on the ground and lower the stance of the car, and then wrapped up the exterior modifications with a matte black Avery Supreme wrap, along with carbon fiber vinyl accents throughout.


Inside the car needs little help, but carbon fiber vinyl completes the theme of the exterior and ties everything together nicely. The flat bottom steering wheel comes standard on SQ5s and looks incredible, rounding out the interior of this beast.


Thanks again to Brandon for the excellent shots. You can check out the rest of his work on his Flickr PageFacebook, or Instagram, and I’ve included a few more below for you to check out.

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