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John’s Sepang Blue RS5


You may recall a certain Sprint Blue B7 S4 DTM on 20″ ADV.1 wheels that was featured a while back…that car was owned by John of Yours by John photography, and he recently picked up a new car that deserves its own feature and I believe that makes him the first person to be featured twice on my site for two different cars. This is also the second RS5 I’ve featured here this month, which has me seeing double in the best way possible.


John was kind enough to share some amazing pictures with us (he is a professional photographer, after all) as well as some thoughts on how he is enjoying the new RS5. While he thought briefly about selling his B7 S4, he ultimately decided to keep both – a move I both envy and appreciate.


With regards to the RS5, John shared the following:

 I really like how modern and powerful the RS5 is. The B7 feels a bit dated compared to the RS5’s “Spaceship MMI’ interior so that’s a huge upgrade right there. Also the ‘blip’ downshift sound is simply ridiculous….I’ve never owned a car like this before and it really adds a lot of driving pleasure. Last but not least the handling is second to none…being able to enter curves/ramps at full speed is just awesome.

Looking at the interior of this beauty below, I can certainly see what he’s saying there – it’s gorgeous! And I have no doubt the 450 horsepower isn’t so bad to deal with either 😉


However, don’t think he’s fully moved on from the B7 S4, either:

I would not give up S4 because it’s the true manual transmission. I was thinking about selling it, but now I might just have to keep it since full manual is that much more fun, even after driving RS5 all weekend.

All I gotta say to that is #SaveTheManuals


Like any true car enthusiast, John has already modded his car and is planning more. The car has GMG springs and H&R spacers to dial in the suspension and stance, and a carbon fiber wrapped engine cover for extra style points. For his next mods he’s considering a black grille and e-codes, both of which would make excellent additions.


You can check out the rest of the pictures on his Facebook page (including some non-car pics, if that’s your thing), and I’ve included a few others below for your viewing pleasure. 1208003 1207008 1207002 026

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  1. Thank you, Nick for the awesome write-up once again. Hope you like what you see here and can’t wait to share more photos in the months to come! Keep up the great work, Nick!

    your loyal reader

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