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Myron’s B8 S4 on 20″ Bronze M590 AG Wheels

A super clean brilliant black B8 Audi S4 in Southern California

TAG Myron S4-3I’ve met Myron (aka @mmassey33 on Instagram) a few times throughout the years and really admired his car, so I was stoked when he sent through these amazing photos from Grubbs Photography and Goco Photo for a feature here on my site. A black car is hard to photograph as the color can hide the lines of the body and custom body work, but the right photographer can make it all come together in a special way that shows just how awesome black can look in the right lighting.

Myron is one of those enthusiasts who gets out and drives a lot – the car may look babied, but it goes on plenty of road trips, rallies, car shows and the like as Myron built this car not only to look nice, but to drive nice too. It’s all over Southern California, and if you’re an enthusiast in the area there is a good chance you’ve probably seen this car around!

TAG Myron S4-4

The car is a 2010 S4 thats been modded inside and out to perform to Myron’s standards – starting with a GIAC Stage 2 DSG tune, a massive AWE intercooler, and a handful of support mods pushing the car well over 400 HP. To handle the extra power, the suspension has been fine tuned by the experts at TAG Motorsports with KW coilovers, SPC control arms, and Eurocode Alu Kreuz Stablizer & Sway Bar / End Links. The B8 S4 features a 3.0L V6 that is supercharged, so these mods do a great job at waking the engine up and pushing it well beyond 400 horsepower, while also helping it handle the extra power and feel super planted in the turns.

TAG Myron S4-9-2

But everyone knows that a car isn’t complete with a proper wheel setup, and Myron went bold with these 20″ matte brushed antique bronze AG M590s wheels. The color choice is unique, but works perfectly against the black car to give it some much needed contrast and just the right pop of color. The AG wheels are wrapped in 255/30/20 Hankooks giving the car plenty of rubber to handle the power and suspension upgrades mentioned earlier, making these wheels not just an aesthetic upgrade but a functional one, too.

Last but not least, Myron has a Stoptech big brake kit painted Lamborghini Verde Ithica then completes the look, making it clear this car means business. It takes some balls to pull of green, bronze, and black all together, but the car does it and does it well…and the mesh style wheel really helps draw attention to the big brakes, so the details like the custom painted calipers really go noticed.

Enlaes S4s-1

The body work also features a pretty rare Caractere front end combined with the Enlaes carbon rear diffuser (EBX8) and Enlaes carbon decklid to make the front and rear a bit more aggressive. The body work compliments the wheels great to give the car a mean look without being over the top. I especially love the decklid as it reminds me of the E46 M3 with the CSL style trunk where the spoiler is integrated into the trunklid itself, and the carbon diffuser plays off this style nicely as well much like the CSL car had, too.


Last but not least, he finished the interior off with an OEM R8 GT steering wheel, one of his favorite mods. I’ve changed out the steering wheel in my Audis on multiple occasions, and I can agree that there is nothing more noticeable than the steering wheel as you put your hands on it every day. Alcantara can be tricky to keep clean, but it looks and feels so good when you do. It’s also neat that he left the R8 GT badge in there, although it can be swapped for a S4 badge relatively easy if that’s not your style. The wheel is plug and play with the stock radios, making it a nice upgrade without losing any functionality.

Myron M590 1 Randy Goco

There is a ton more going on with the car, so Myron provided a full mod list for you to check out below:

  • GIAC Stage 2 v2 Tune
  • GIAC DSG tune
  • AWE full exhaust system with resonated downpipe
  • AWE oval diamond tips
  • AWE cold air intake
  • AWE Coldfront System (Intercooler)
  • Stoptech 380mm BBK in Lamborghini Verde Ithica
  • KW V1 coilovers
  • SPC adjustable upper control arms
  • EuroCode Alu Kreuz
  • EuroCode ÜSS Billet Aluminum Rear End Links
  • EuroCode Tuning ÜSS Adjustable Sway Bar Set (F&R)
  • EuroCode ÜSS Billet Aluminum Adjustable Front End Links
  • Caractere front end
  • Enlaes carbon rear diffuser EBX8 program
  • Enlaes carbon Decklid
  • OEM black optics grille
  • E-code headlights
  • Xpel Ultimate clear bra
  • OEM R8 GT flat bottom steering wheel in alcantara
  • AG M590’s 20×10 Et 35 in matte brushed antique bronze
  • Hankook 255/30/20 v2

Myron M590 4 Randy Goco

It’s a clean build that came together nicely, but not without a little help from some friends. Myron would like to thank the following people to make this build possible:

I have to thank my wonderful wife that is so very understanding of my love for cars and mods. And for TAG Motorsports for being such an excellent shop with outstanding service and quality parts they have gone above and beyond every time. I’ve gotten to know Alex, John, Sean, Casey, Grubbs and the rest of the TAG team and I consider them all close friends now.  I definately have to thank Enlaes, getting to know Alex and John has been a wonderful experience and im glad to be able to call them good friends as well. And lastly but not least all the  AG wheels guys they have shown me great kindness and excellent service as well as Eric from GetYourWheels.com, thanks guys!

TAG Myron S4-8

Be on the lookout for Myron’s super clean B8 S4 carving some canyon turns in Southern California, and be sure to give him a wave and a nod if you do!

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