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Steffen’s B7 Avant with RS4 Conversion from Norway

B7 Avant RS4 Conversion

This latest featured ride comes to us from Norway and is modded to the max! The owner Steffen bought the car with some mods already done to it, but as many enthusiasts know there is always more to be done.

9 TTRS steering wheel

Steffen started with the interior, scouting some beautiful RS4 bucket seats off ebay.de from a totaled RS4. Steffen tells me they’re probably his favorite modification to the car, which is saying something. To complete the interior, he found a custom TTRS steering wheel with carbon fiber accents which is incredibly beautiful.

RS4 Brakes

Next came the powertrain and handling – the previous owner had already done a handful of performance modifications such as Revo Stage 2+, so Steffen added some RS4 brakes to assist with braking, which works nicely with the OEM themed upgrades he had already.

B7 Avant RS4 Conversion

Then something awesome happened – he found a great deal on the major components needed for an RS4 body swap including front fenders, side skirts, rear doors, and the rear bumper – and thus began the conversion project. He was able to source nearly everything he needed from eBay except the rear inner liner and rear quarter panel.

B7 Avant RS4 Conversion

Recently he added some new 19×10 Forgestar F14 wheels to fill those beautiful OEM widebody fender arches, and the result is stunning. A full mod list of the car includes:


  • Revo stg 2+ program
  • Garret FMIC Intercooler
  • Autotech HPFP
  • Forge DV
  • Milltek exhaust from turbo with racecat
  • Okada plasmacoiler
  • KN filter
  • 034 silicon hoses for intercooler and turbo inlet
  • R8 bottle cap for oil and cooling water, carbon engine cover
  • STE Performance Parameters Display
  • Retrofitted cruise control


  • 19×10 Forgestar F14 ET25 with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/35/19 all around
  • H&R Monotube coilovers (godkjent i vognkort)
  • 034 Diff mount
  • 034 Snub mount
  • Hotchkis Sway Bar
  • 034 Sway Bar end links (Adjustable rear)
  • JHM Solid Short throw shifter
  • VAST stg 3 clutch and OEM flywheel (Backup! – Spec stg 3+ clutch with 034 singlemass flywheel)
  • RS4 brakes


  • RS4 Widebody
  • RS4 blacked out grill
  • Carbon aggressive front lip
  • Carbon license plate holder
  • Carbon B & C pillar
  • Carbon mirror caps
  • Vinyl wrapped carbon window lists
  • Vinyl wrapped inside of headlights for a darker look
  • Blacked out windows
  • Xenon fog lights
  • Lamin-x on rear lights and fog light
  • LED Park
  • LED license plate lights


  • RS4 complete leather interior bucket seats
  • RS4 pedals
  • RS4 carbon interior
  • RS4 door opener
  • TTRS Custom carbon/alcantara steering wheel
  • Custom Carbon/alcantara gear knob
  • Custom alcantara surrounding the gearknob and handbrake leaver
  • S-line floor mats
  • All interior bulbs swapped to LED’s
  • Original sunblinds inside rear door sides
  • New center console without holes for factory hone

Future plans:

  • Mount S4 auto-fold wing mirrors – Ready
  • Paint the cooland and washer fluid tanks wrinkle black – Ready
  • Paint the license plates a little darker – Ready
  • 034 Motorsport Engine mounts – Ready
  • Loba LO380L turbo – Ready
  • S3 injectors
  • Custom welded subwoofer box
  • RS4 diffs and drivetrain
  • Removeble throwbar
  • Stage3/4
  • Carbon hood
  • More carbon/alcantara parts

B7 Avant RS4 Conversion

Thanks for sharing the pics, and good luck with the rest of the build, Steffen!

B7 Avant RS4 Conversion

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  1. They’re OEM RS4 panels, not sure if he rolled them as well though. If they’re anything like the S4 fenders, there isn’t a whole lot to roll in the first place…

  2. Thank you all!! Steve, the quarter panel is OEM RS4 fenders, that I finally bought new from the dealer.
    And for an update, I’ve ordered a little sick vinyl wrap I’m gonna try on the car, ordered some custom cut plugs to remove the roof railings, gonna swap my turbo for the Loba LO380, while we’re gonna tweek an extra engine my tuner bought for me. Still more to come!!! And if you have some ideas, I would love to hear them

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