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Carbon Fiber B Pillars by oCarbon for my Audi A4

Carbon Fiber B PillarsMy friends over at oCarbon have done it again – my B Pillars are now wrapped in the same 5HS carbon fiber that my interior & front filler plate are done in, and they came out awesome. I’m really stoked with how these came out – while I didn’t think it’d be a very noticeable part at first, it turns out the very opposite is true – I see these every time I open the door, which means I’m greeted with carbon fiber awesomeness before I even get inside. The funny part is I just had a guy at a gas station ask me where I got these done as he liked it so much! Of all the mods done to my car, these stuck out at him the most!

I took this picture to show how nicely it ties together with the interior trim:

Carbon Fiber B PIllar & Interior TrimAnother really cool part about these is that they’re relatively subtle from far away. From a distance, they look pretty similar to the OEM gloss black finish – they blend right in for a very clean look. It’s only when you’re up close do you really see how slick these are, which is what I love about them.

Thanks again to oCarbon for the great work – I love that they let me choose the fabric & weave pattern of choice. Right now, I’m the only Audi running 5HS fabric (each strand of fabric goes over 5 other strands, then under one, versus the 1×1 or 2×2 twill pattern that is more common). They have also done some really cool projects in colored kevlar/carbon fiber (silver, blue, yellow, etc) as well as unique parts and styles, and they really tailor each piece to look exactly how you want, which is awesome.

Next up for the car will be some matching mirror caps! I can’t wait for those 🙂

One last shot to wrap up this post:

Carbon Fiber B Pillars


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  1. Omg nick, omg. Looks spectacular, I have never been much of a carbon fiber guy, maybe its just the pattern you chose but I love it! Cant wait to see how the mirror caps turn out!

  2. It’s look really good!!! I’m trying to get 2008 a4 sline myself.
    how much did it all cost the pillars,interior trim and the front filler plate
    P.s keep up the great work!!!

  3. They are OEM covers wrapped in CF, but it replaces the OEM cover completely with a new cover that is wrapped. I then sent my cores back to oCarbon to be wrapped for a future customer. Does that make sense?

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