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Carbon Trim Solutions Pictures and Review


I recently received a care package from Carbon Trim Solutions featuring their iPhone case, wallet, and license plate frame to check out for myself and up my carbon fiber game. Anyone who has followed this blog (or even just seen a picture of my car) knows that I LOVE carbon fiber. My vented hood, interior trim, front lip, B & C pillars, engine covers, steering wheel trim, and steering wheel itself are all carbon fiber. I love it for both the form and function – it looks cool, saves weight, and is strong too.


What’s a good gift for someone who loves carbon fiber? More carbon fiber. Carbon Trim Solutions makes a ton of great gifts and accessories for the car & carbon fiber lover you know. The iPhone case is probably my favorite – it’s super thin so the phone fits in my pocket great, yet will give some good protection too. They just came out with an iPhone 7 case, although I’m still rocking the 6 in the pictures above. The wallet is also pretty neat, and a pretty good deal for only $50 – way cheaper than my Burberry wallet, but I kind of dig it more since it’s unique, thin, and is a lot more unique. The license plate frame looks great, doesn’t weigh anything, and is a nice subtle nod that I love carbon fiber without being over the top.


Everything comes very carefully packaged and arrives in little boxes as pictured earlier, much like you’re buying an iPhone itself. You can tell they put a lot of attention into the detail. It’s definitely real carbon fiber and there is a nice gloss finish that should hopefully hold up well to scratches – I’ve already dropped my phone a number of times and so far, so good. It’s hard to capture the finish so I took a bunch of pictures, but I like the one below to show what it looks like in more direct light although its more subtle from most angles depending on what angle you’re looking at it and what the lighting is.


They also make cases for Samsung phones, a key chain, a money clip, and other iPhone models in addition to everything you see posted here…so if you have a few bucks burning a whole in your PayPal account, or need to give a gift idea to your significant other, head on over to their website and check it out:


Disclaimer: I was given these products for free to review on my site. It didn’t influence what I said, and had I not liked them I would have returned them or declined to blog about them. They are really cool and I’m super stoked to be rocking out more of carbon fiber everywhere I go.

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