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RevoZport Hood & Body Kit for RS3

A cool option for the new RS3 to up your style game

The new RS3 is one of my favorite cars on the market now.

So much so, that I test drove one and am still strongly considering getting one myself, albeit the steep price tag is holding me back from pulling the trigger. I’ll probably wait until there are used ones I can find with a CPO warranty and a cheaper price, assuming I can hold out.

What I like best about the RS3 is the five cylinder engine (an updated version of what I have on my TTRS) that produces over 400 HP from factory, along with great styling and tons of practicality in the form of a sedan. It also has Audi’s latest and greatest technology, like the Virtual Cockpit that I admired so much in the Q5, A5, and S3s that I’ve reviewed on this blog in the past. It also comes with a ton of available factory upgrades like carbon ceramic brakes, making it a car that can go from the showroom floor to the track with little to no supporting modifications needed.

So how do you make a car like the new RS3 even better? I can think of only three ways:

  1. Exterior upgrades to make it more aggressive looking, as it’s a bit of a sleeper from factory
  2. Turbo upgrades, such as what Iroz Motorsport is doing to get these to be a 9 second car in the quarter mile!
  3. Wheels and tires, which make any car look and handle better when done right

There are tons of RS3 owners that have done #2 and #3, but very few that have done many modifications to the body. Being a new platform there aren’t many body modifications available for the RS3 yet if they wanted to.

Enter onto the scene RevoZport and their all new ‘Revoluzione’ Bodykit for the 8V Audi RS3 sedan and hatchback.

They offer a front splitter, side skirts, bumper canards, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, and a vented hood for the car, and the full package costs roughly $5,500 which isn’t bad for all of those parts.

To me, the most exciting part is the vented hood. Followers of this blog may remember the vented hood I had on my last car, and it’s a look I’d love to recreate on my TTRS but sadly no one seems to make one…but I digress.

It’s a brand new kit, so much so that it hasn’t been added to their website, yet. If you’re interested in it, your best bet is to email them at They only have a handful of pictures to share thusfar, but I have no doubt many RS3 owners will be jumping on this soon looking to take their cars to the next level.

Several of these parts, like the hood, will also work on the A3 and S3, which is good news. Check out this purple S3 rocking the vented hood and pulling it off quite nicely, I might add:

The other appeal of the vented hood is that it’s functional. The RS3 is capable of some insane times, beating many (most?) supercars in the quarter mile with only light modifications to the software or exhaust…but if you’re going that fast, you start to have new problems – namely stopping, and keeping the engine cool. Weight reduction and air ventilation will help with both challenges, so a hood like this is more than just an aesthetic mod but a functional one, too.

If you want to buy just the hood, you can choose between single sided or double sided carbon, and it retails for $1,800 which is pretty competitive for the market, especially on higher end cars like this one.

The other mod I really like is their side skirts. I had a similar setup on my S4, and I think the subtle touch of carbon fiber really ties together the front splitter and rear diffuser nicely, which they offer as well. You can buy the whole kit, or you can piece it together bit by bit depending on your budget, which is a nice option.

To me, modding a car well is all about having subtle changes that all work together. If you make too many modifications, or they don’t seem to follow a consistent theme, the car starts to look like a Transformer and loses the factory lines and appeal that the manufacturer spent tons of money researching and developing.

RevoZport seems to be hitting the right blend of aggressiveness without overdoing it, achieving the OEM-plus look that I personally aim for on every one of my builds.

Combine the RevoZport body kit for the RS3 with wheels, suspension, and a tune and you’ve got yourself one of the most badass sedans money can buy, all for less than the cost of a base Porsche 911.

My temptation to get a RS3 has just been made stronger!

Stay tuned for more from RevoZport, as I hear from them that they’re rolling out tons of new parts for Audis, BMWs, and even Teslas. It’s also good to have new tuners hit the scene, especially when they use lots of carbon fiber 🙂

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