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Tire Stickers: Toyo R888 Raised White Lettering

How do you make a set of badass Fifteen52 Turbomac track wheels even cooler? Wrap them in some super sticky Toyo R888 rubber, and install some race-inspired white lettering from TIRE STICKERS to complete the motorsports-inspired look. A few months ago I was quoted on the Tire Sticker’s Blog about the best performance tires, and that got my wheels turning (pun intended) on additional collaboration opportunities. Tire Stickers was kind enough to send me one of their permanent raised rubber white lettering kits to try out, which brings us here.

The kit comes with everything you need to get going, including all of the letters, cleaning supplies, glue, instructions, and even gloves (all pictured below). Other than a microfiber and some free-time, you need nothing else. I chose the 1″ height kit for Toyo R888 in white lettering, but they have all sorts of options you can choose from on their site depending on how tall your sidewalls are and what style you want to go with. Many of their designs are officially licensed by the tire brands or OEMs themselves, so you’re buying a legit product and not some cheap knock-off.

The tire decals are pre-cut and aligned as part of the kit, so it’s very to install. Start with cleaning everything very thoroughly with the supplied cleaner, and then apply glue one section at a time to get the rubber lettering to bond with the rubber sidewalls and hold pressure for 45-60 seconds per decal.

I found it best to apply the glue more moderately so that none seeps out, although I found that if you made mistakes you could remove the glue afterwards, it was just more time intensive and hard to do. The key is to just do a few letters at a time, or at most one decal, otherwise the glue will dry quicker than you can move, and you’ll have a mess on your hands…literally.

While the brand is called tire “stickers,” these are actually made of rubber and far from your average sticker. The backside of the stickers (pictured above in black) forms a direct bond with the rubber in the tire, so even with extreme heat like a track day they will stay put with no problems. Tire Stickers intends for the lettering to be permanent, and will last you the lifespan of the tires. After driving for about a week, they seem very durable to me, and even did fine with getting washed. Tire Stickers doesn’t recommend using tire shine, but who puts tire shine on track wheels anyway 🙂

Overall, I think it is a really cool look…especially so with white wheels, a white car, and now white lettering. The product is durable, easy to install, and can be customized to any tire brand/model you want, or you can even do custom lettering to promote your business or make a statement of your choosing. You’re also not limited to white as a color, and you can pick different fonts, sizes, etc. You can also upload your own logo, so the possibilities are nearly limitless. It’s a far more professional look than just rattle canning the tires with a stencil, and will last far longer too.

As a bonus they look even cooler while rolling, which should make for some great pictures at my next track day…stay tuned for that!

A big thanks to the team at TIRE STICKERS for sending me the product to review!

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  1. Hi Nick, trust you are doing well. I have an Audi A4 B8 (2008) 3.2l Quattro, i was planning to upgrade the wheels to 19inch X 9 ET33. Just wanted to check with you if it will fit well as i dont want the wheels popping out of the car. but would want it to look flush with the car. Also, the tyres will be 255/35/19. thanks in advance Nick 🙂

  2. Hey Lohith – 19×9 ET33 will fit fine if you run a skinnier tire, I’d recommend no wider than 235 width. With a 255 series tire, you’re going to rub quite a bit if you’re lowered, and it might look a little funky. 19×9 ET33 is the same specs as the S5 Peelers and S5 Rotors I’ve ran in the past, but both were with 235 width tires: https://nickscarblog.com/tires/photoshoot-my-b7-s4-on-oem-19×9-et33-s5-titanium-rotor-wheels & https://nickscarblog.com/reviews/b7-s4-on-oem-s5-19×9-et33-peelers

  3. Hi Nick, thanks for the quick response, i haven’t lowered the car. do you think it will still touch? as it is second hand wheels and tyres are included in it. Do you want me to post the query on the other blog or its fine here? cheers bro

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